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National Eye Institute (NEI) Awards

A message from Dr. Michael Chaing, Director, National Eye Institute.

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Adaptive Optics Imaging Group

For strengthening multidisciplinary NIH-FDA collaborative research in biomedical instrumentation leading to the development and implementation of state-of-the-art adaptive optics imaging at NEI and FDA.

  • Anant Agrawal, NEI
  • Nancy Aguilera Zavala, NEI
  • Andrew J. Bower, NEI
  • Brian P. Brooks, NEI
  • Catherine A. Cukras, NEI
  • Guy E. Foster, NEI
  • Daniel Hammer, NEI
  • Laryssa A. Huryn, NEI
  • Joanne Li, NEI
  • Jianfei Liu, NEI
  • Tao Liu, NEI
  • Zhuolin Liu, NEI
  • Osamah J. Saeedi, NEI
  • Johnny Chao-C. Tam, NEI
  • Wadih M. Zein, NEI

For exceptional vision, initiative and leadership in the animal care and use program at the NIH.

  • James M. Raber, NEI


NEI Property Service Center Team

In recognition of extraordinary initiative and leadership in improving the NEI Property Service Center Operations and benefit of the NIH environment.

  • Justin A. Barksdale, NEI
  • Walter T. Davis, NEI
  • Billy R. Eatmon, NEI
  • Felton W. George, NEI
  • Danielle L. Payne, NEI
  • Scarleth M. Perez Perez, NEI
  • Jessica R. Ryan, NEI

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Cheryl L. Wiggs, NEI


  • Donald F. Everett, NEI
  • Shaojian Gao, NEI
  • Kerry E. Goetz, NEI
  • Shefa D. Gordon, NEI
  • William F. Montgomery, NEI
  • Cheryl L. Wiggs, NEI
  • Nora M. Wong, NEI