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2021 National Institute on Aging (NIA) Awards

A message from Dr. Richard Hodes, Director, National Institute on Aging.

Thumbnail of 2021 National Institute on Aging (NIA) Awards video


Scientific/Medical Individual Awards

For exceptional performance as a mentor and Unit Chief and medical care provider while serving on the frontlines of our nation's COVID-19 response.

  • Christopher E. Ramsden, NIA

In recognition of outstanding scientific contributions to understanding the mental, physical, biologic, and social factors leading to disparities in the public's health.

  • Michele K. Evans, NIA


Administrative Group Awards

NIH Small Business Virtual Outreach Committee

In recognition of exemplary performance and leadership in pivoting to a virtual outreach strategy and greatly expanding reach to the NIH small business applicant community.

  • Stephanie M. Davis, NHLBI
  • Stephanie J. Fertig, OD
  • Stephen F. Flaim, NHLBI
  • Armineh L. Ghazarian, NIA
  • Luis T. Gutierrez, OD
  • Todd E. Haim, NIA
  • Lillianne M. Portilla Weingarten, NCATS
  • Gautam Prakash, NHLBI
  • Saroj G. Regmi, NIA
  • Joy R. Toliver, NIA

Ruth L. Kirschstein Mentoring Award

Ruth L. Kirschstein Mentoring Award Individual Awards

For exemplary performance while demonstrating significant leadership, skill and ability in serving as a mentor.

  • Luigi Ferrucci, NIA

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Nancy M. Nurthen, NIA


  • Todd E. Haim, NIA
  • Joy R. Toliver, NIA


  • John K. Hsiao, NIA


  • Gregory B. Bissonette, NIA
  • Birgit Neuhuber, NIA
  • Ramesh Vemuri, NIA


  • Eliezer Masliah, NIA
  • Lisa A. Opanashuk, NIA


  • Dallas W. Anderson, NIA
  • Frank C. Bandiera, NIA
  • Partha Bhattacharyya, NIA
  • Gregory B. Bissonette, NIA
  • Victoria H. Davis, NIA
  • Basil A. Eldadah, NIA
  • Cerise L. Elliott, NIA
  • Rene A. Etcheberrigaray, NIA
  • Kimberly M. Firth, NIA
  • Megan E. Hancock, NIA
  • Patricia L. Jones, NIA
  • Melinda S. Kelley, NIA
  • Kristy L. Kessler, NIA
  • Jonathan W. King, NIA
  • Traci B. Lafferty, NIA
  • Lenore J. Launer, NIA
  • Kristina A. McLinden, NIA
  • Earl C. Melvin, NIA
  • Carmen P. Moten, NIA
  • Catherine L. Nagy, NIA
  • Mastan R. Narne, NIA
  • Birgit Neuhuber, NIA
  • Helen L. Nielsen, NIA
  • Joshua Jin-H. Park, NIA
  • Suzana S. Petanceska, NIA
  • John William R. Phillips, NIA
  • Sara Pourzal, NIA
  • Rajasri Roy, NIA
  • Marcel E. Salive, NIA
  • Kenneth E. Santora, NIA
  • Luke E. Stoeckel, NIA
  • Jean Delos R. Tiong-Koehler, NIA
  • Anita H. Undale, NIA
  • Ramesh Vemuri, NIA