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2022 Center for Scientific Review (CSR) Awards

A message from Dr. Noni Byrnes, Director, Center for Scientific Review.

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Scientific/Medical Group Awards

Bias Awareness and Mitigation Training for Reviewers Group

In recognition of your contribution towards reducing bias in peer review so that the most promising research can be identified.

  • John Brougher, CSR
  • Michael Burke, CSR
  • Shawn Cook, CSR
  • Hope Cummings, CSR
  • Maya Jones, CSR
  • Kristin Kramer, CSR
  • Charlene Le Fauve, OD
  • Amanda Manning, CSR
  • Michael Sesma, NIGMS
  • Lie Wu, CSR
  • Lin Yang, CSR
  • Chen Zhang, CSR

Natural Language Processing Development Team

In recognition of your innovative approach to enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of scientific referral of grant applications.

  • Ingrid Li, CSR
  • Lie Wu, CSR


Administrative Group Awards

CSR Data Analytics Group

In recognition of your contributions to elevate CSR's data analytics capabilities.

  • Mei-Ching Chen, CSR
  • Hope Cummings, CSR
  • Charles Dumais, CSR
  • Lia Fleming, CSR
  • Seo Hong, CSR
  • Aditi Jain, CSR
  • Mark Lindner, CSR
  • Amanda Manning, CSR
  • Lin Yang, CSR

Ruth L. Kirschstein Mentoring Award

Ruth L. Kirschstein Mentoring Award Individual Awards

For exemplary performance while demonstrating significant leadership, skill, and ability in serving as a mentor.

  • Zohra Rasuli-Zafar, CSR

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Mark Rubert, CSR


  • Bonnie Ellis, CSR


  • Jessica Bellinger, CSR


  • Kendall Hill, CSR
  • Janetta Lun, CSR
  • Vonda Smith, CSR