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2022 National Library of Medicine (NLM) Awards

A message from Dr. Patricia Brennan, Director, National Library of Medicine.

Thumbnail of 2022 National Library of Medicine (NLM) Awards video


Scientific/Medical Group Awards

Automatic Indexing Team

In recognition of their exceptional leadership expanding automatic indexing at NLM and providing significant cost and time saving enhancements to the indexing process.

  • James Mork, NLM
  • Susan Schmidt, NLM

Scientific/Medical Individual Awards

For exemplary leadership in emphasizing community engagement through collaborative evaluations leading to breakthrough outcomes in information retrieval and language understanding research.

  • Dina Demner-Fushman, NLM


Administrative Group Awards

NLM Musings Blog Team

In recognition of the "NLM Musings from the Mezzanine" blog team for efforts to initiate and coordinate trans-NIH collaboration to advance the NIH mission.

  • Troy Hill, NLM
  • Sarah Ashley Jolly, NLM
  • Alison Lemon, NLM
  • Grace Middleton, NLM
  • Robert Pines, NLM
  • Diane Tuncer, NLM
  • Andrew Wiley, NLM
  • Christine Winderlin, NLM

Virtual Science Day for Students at NIH Team

In recognition of outstanding leadership efforts to plan an all-virtual event for high school students to introduce them to the NIH and promote STEM careers.

  • Courtney Aklin, OD
  • Bethany Anton, NLM
  • Aaron Credle, NIMHD
  • Alise Crutchman, NLM
  • George W. Franklin Jr., NLM
  • Linda Hassan, NLM
  • Greg Kessler, NLM
  • Tara Mowery, NLM
  • Shelly Pollard, NIMHD
  • Gina Roussos, NIMHD
  • Stephanie Siekierka, NLM
  • Louise To, NLM

Mission Support

Mission Support Individual Awards

For outstanding support of NLM collection emergency response and collection management efforts.

  • Vu Mai, NLM

For providing outstanding Administrative services to the NLM Lister Hill National Center for Biomedical Communications especially during times of remote work.

  • Melanie Johnson, NLM

In recognition of outstanding engagement efforts to begin and maintain an important collaboration with staff and caregivers at The Children's Inn.

  • Louise To, NLM

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Valerie Schneider, NLM
  • Francoise Thibaud-Nissen, NLM
  • Chunlin Xiao, NLM


  • Sameer Antani, NLM


  • Rebecca Goodwin, NLM


  • Em'Ria Briscoe, NLM
  • James Brister, NLM
  • Ryan Connor, NLM
  • Allison Elam, NLM
  • Anna Glodek, NLM
  • Eneida Hatcher, NLM
  • Yumi Jin, NLM
  • Douglas Joubert, NLM
  • Andrey Kochergin, NLM
  • Aron Marchler-Bauer, NLM
  • April Merriwether, NLM
  • Kim Pruitt, NLM
  • Stephen Sherry, NLM
  • Narmada Thanki-Cunningham, NLM
  • Amanda Wilson, NLM
  • Chunlin Xiao, NLM
  • Roxanne Yamashita, NLM
  • Vadim Zalunin, NLM
  • Maryam Zaringhalam, NLM