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2023 National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Awards

A message from Dr. Jon Lorsch, Director, National Institute of General Medical Sciences.

Thumbnail of 2023 National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) Awards video


Administrative Group Awards

NIH-wide STEM Outreach Portal Team

For exemplary teamwork and innovation in creating the new NIH-wide STEM learning site for grades Pre-K to 12.

  • Susan J. Athey, NIGMS
  • Abbey Bigler, NIGMS
  • Chrissa Chverchko, NIGMS
  • Rachel Crowley, NIGMS
  • Lauren Dolan, NIGMS
  • Jose Lopez, NIGMS
  • Brittany Merth, NIGMS
  • Matthew Mills, NIGMS
  • Aleksandr Naneyshvili, NIGMS
  • Stephanie Older, NIGMS
  • Juli Rose, NIGMS
  • Prabhjot Singh, NIGMS
  • Jennifer Jo. Sizemore, NIGMS
  • Christy Tran, NIGMS

Customer Service

Customer Service Group Awards


For exceptional customer service while demonstrating significant skill, professionalism, and a willingness to serve others.

  • Anthony Baum, NIGMS
  • Grace Choung, NIGMS
  • Audrey Clarke, NIGMS
  • Jon R. Davage, NIGMS
  • Tammy M. Dean Maxwell, NIGMS
  • Christina Dyal, NIGMS
  • Gloria Estrada Andino, NIGMS
  • Je Vita Gross, NIGMS
  • Beverly A. Hines, NIGMS
  • Twann Jackson, NIGMS
  • Crystal James, NIGMS
  • Annette C. Johnson-Herron, NIGMS
  • Rong K. Kan, NIGMS
  • Krystal T. Kelly-Johnson, NIGMS
  • Lita Keys, NIGMS
  • Darlene E. Lee, NIGMS
  • Kennice Mason, NIGMS
  • Douglas E. Mendoza, NIGMS
  • Lashonda Parson, NIGMS
  • Kellie T. Pittman, NIGMS
  • Happy Rozario, NIGMS
  • Vincent P. Sabol, NIGMS
  • Linda M. Sarden, NIGMS
  • Christian B. Shaw, NIGMS
  • Arthur R. Silver Jr., NIGMS
  • Tracy Webb, NIGMS
  • Jessica Whitaker, NIA
  • Diane E. Woody, NIGMS

Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders Individual Awards

For her dedicated leadership of, and ongoing contributions to, the expansion, improvement, and management of the NIGMS Ethics Program.

  • Rusinel Amarante, NIGMS

Scientific/Medical - Research

Scientific/Medical - Research Group Awards

NIH-wide Coalition to Support STEM Education

For their vision and commitment to enhancing the Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) program to strengthen Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education across NIH.

  • Krishan K. Arora, NIGMS
  • Lawrence Beck, NIGMS
  • Bettie J. Graham, NHGRI

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Alison Gammie, NIGMS


  • Robin Latham, NIGMS


  • Donna M. Krasnewich-Vostal, NIGMS


  • Eddie Billingslea Jr., NIGMS
  • Edgardo Falcon-Morales, NIGMS
  • Alison Gammie, NIGMS
  • Michele McGuirl, NIGMS
  • Kamilah Rashid, NIGMS
  • Della White, NIGMS