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2023 National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Awards

A message from Dr. Joshua Gordon, Director, National Institute of Mental Health.

Thumbnail of 2023 National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Awards video


Administrative Group Awards

NIH ORS/DATS Child and Family Programs Team

For dedication to NIH families in successfully developing and implementing a strategic transition plan to ensure childcare at NIH-sponsored centers remains of the highest quality.

  • Susan Borst, OD
  • Louis Brennan, OD
  • Tammie Edwards, OD
  • Russell Mason, OD
  • Bradley D. Moss, OD
  • Linda Owen, OD
  • Timothy Tosten, OD

NIMH Anti-Racism Task Force Steering Committee

For championing and executing an innovative approach of inclusion-oriented listening sessions to support DEIA qualitative reporting and strategic planning for the NIMH community.

  • Nichole Cook, NIMH
  • Jovier D. Evans, NIMH
  • Martha Hennen, OD
  • Lauren D. Hill, NIMH
  • Collene Lawhorn, NIMH
  • Nicole H. Martino, NIMH
  • Isaac Morales, NIMH
  • Terry A. Mundell, NCI
  • Melissa Park, NCI
  • Geeta Strange, NIMH

Customer Service

Customer Service Group Awards

NIMH Neuroscience Center Activation Team

For outstanding contributions in the activation of the Neuroscience Center (NSC) Leased facility for the NIH Institute occupants.

  • Heather Coulter, NIMH
  • Mannan Dasti, NIMH
  • Jin Oh. Hong, OD
  • Michael Albert Linsangan, NIMH
  • Nicole H. Martino, NIMH
  • Charles Noonan, NIMH
  • Stephanie Powell, NIMH
  • Namrata Puthran, NIMH
  • Stephen Yinger, OD
  • Byong I. Yun, OD

Emerging Leaders

Emerging Leaders Individual Awards

For outstanding and noteworthy contributions to promoting an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace.

  • David Tyler, NIMH

Mission Support

Mission Support Group Awards

NIMH Emergency Management Team and IRP Space & Facilities Team

For exceptional dedication to their customers during a catastrophic facility emergency.

  • Kimberly Blackmon, NIMH
  • Michael Moore, NIMH
  • Luz Angela Rosas, NIMH
  • Kristopher Sharer, NINDS
  • Robert Sullivan, NIMH
  • Patricia Williams, NIMH

Scientific/Medical - Research

Scientific/Medical - Research Group Awards

Accelerating Medicines Partnership Schizophrenia Program Team

For exceptional collaboration and leadership of the Accelerating Medicines Partnership Schizophrenia program.

  • Loni Ajagbe, OD
  • Eline Appelmans, OD
  • Frank R. Avenilla, NIMH
  • Rebecca Beer, NIMH
  • Heidi Blythe, OD
  • Linda S. Brady, NIMH
  • Sharon Chang, NIMH
  • Gregory Farber, NIMH
  • Suzanne Garcia, NIMH
  • Margaret Grabb, NIMH
  • Robert K. Heinssen, NIMH
  • Wesley Horton, OD
  • Daniel Janes, NIMH
  • Theresa R. Jarosik, NIMH
  • Noam Keren, NINDS
  • Robert T. Kirker, NIAID
  • Stephen Lalekos, NIMH
  • Michael Lessmeier, NIMH
  • Jane Lin, NIMH
  • Sarah H. Lisanby, NIMH
  • Allen Lo, NIMH
  • Nicole Miko, NIMH
  • Sarah Morris, NIMH
  • Jonathan Pevsner, NIMH
  • Sri Ramulu Pullagura, OD
  • Laura Rowland, NIMH
  • Jonathan Sabbagh, NIMH
  • Alessio Travaglia, OD
  • Siavash Vaziri, NIMH
  • Sarah Wijtenburg, NIMH
  • Ming Zhan, NIMH

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Tracy Waldeck, NIMH


  • Andrea Horvath Marques, NIMH


  • Rosa Lafer-Sousa, NIMH


  • Sue Chen, NIMH


  • Phyllis Ampofo, NIMH
  • Megan E. Kinnane, NIMH
  • Rachel Scheinert, NIMH


  • Shelli Avenevoli, NIMH
  • Lauren Cooper, NIMH
  • Meredith Fox, NIMH
  • Christopher M. Gordon, NIMH
  • Lauren D. Hill, NIMH
  • Collene Lawhorn, NIMH