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2012 Center for Information Technology (CIT) Awards


Scientific/Medical Group Awards

Correlating Prostate MRI And Histopathology Via Individualized Molds Team

For design and implementation of a method for correlating in vivo prostate MRI and histopathology using individualized MR-based molds resulting in a standard-of-care at NIH.

  • Marcelino L. Bernardo, NCI
  • Peter L. Choyke, NCI
  • Haresh Mani, NCI
  • Maria Merino-Neumann, NCI
  • Peter A. Pinto, NCI
  • Thomas J. Pohida, CIT
  • Vijay P. Shah, NCI
  • Ismail B. Turkbey, NCI

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Frank J. Spina, CIT


  • Matthew J. Mcauliffe, CIT


  • Judy L. Fabrikant, CIT