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2012 National Library of Medicine (NLM) Awards


Scientific/Medical Individual Awards

In recognition of sustained excellence and outstanding leadership in the development of the Medical Text Indexer, which increases the efficency of the indexing process.

  • Alan R. Aronson, NLM


Administrative Individual Awards

For leading significant expansion of NLM's computing and communications capacity, while simultaneously improving energy efficency, containing costs, and directing development of innovative applications.

  • Ivor L. D'Souza, NLM

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Michael F. Huerta, NLM


  • Janet B. Coleman, NLM
  • Valerie Florance, NLM
  • Brandi L. Kattman, NLM
  • Jennifer M. Lee, NLM
  • David J. Lipman, NLM
  • Donna R. Maglott, NLM
  • Adriana J. Malheiro, NLM
  • James M. Ostell, NLM
  • Wendy S. Rubinstein, NLM