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2013 National Institute on Aging (NIA) Awards


Scientific/Medical Group Awards

Alzheimer's Disease Group

In recognition for the planning and implementation of an AD research initiative in response to the National Alzheimer's Plan.

  • Neil S. Buckholtz, NIA
  • Cerise L. Elliott, NIA
  • Adam L. Felsenfeld, NHGRI
  • Tamara Jones, NIA
  • Richard J. King, OD
  • Charlene A. Liggins, NIA
  • Marilyn M. Miller, NIA
  • Suzana S. Petanceska, NIA
  • Creighton H. Phelps, NIA
  • Lawrence M. Refolo, NIA
  • Laurie M. Ryan, NIA
  • Nina B. Silverberg, NIA
  • David S. Snyder, NIA
  • Terrie R. Wheeler, OD


Administrative Group Awards

GRC Project Team

In recognition of exceptional leadership and efforts associated with the Gerontology Research Center Building Project.

  • Foster K. Awuku, OD
  • Taryn E. Ayoub, NIA
  • Jeffery Battle, OD
  • Gopinath K. Boray, OD
  • Sharon A. Bruce, OD
  • James H. Carscadden, OD
  • Francis A. Clifford, OD
  • Romaine Cole, OD
  • Larry W. Collins, NIA
  • Josephine M. Earley, NIA
  • Luigi Ferrucci, NIA
  • Kenneth W. Fishbein, NIA
  • Caran R. Fizer, NIA
  • William K. Floyd, OD
  • Alberta M. Galek, NIA
  • Gregg Gnipp, OD
  • Jennifer L. Hartzell, OD
  • Robert C. Horsch, OD
  • Fred E. Indig, NIA
  • Thomas C. Judy, OD
  • James S. Koehler, OD
  • David W. Lankford, OD
  • Kevin J. Little, NIA
  • Alfred W. May, NIA
  • Deborah J. Mcgovern, NIA
  • James T. Miller, OD
  • Derek A. Newcomer, OD
  • Laurenti K. Ngutter, OD
  • Michael D. O'Donnell, NIA
  • Robert J. Ostrowski, OD
  • Donna M. Ouellet, OD
  • Kathy A. Perdue-Greenfield, NIA
  • Raymond A. Phelps, OD
  • Frank J. Piatkowski, OD
  • James G. Pitt, OD
  • Pat J. Rice, OD
  • Kristine E. Rozankowski, NIA
  • Louis M. Schechter, NIA
  • Patrick A. Shirdon, NIA
  • Steven J. Sollott, NIA
  • Harold A. Spurgeon, NIA
  • David M. Voss, NIA
  • Charles A. Weber, NIA
  • Robert P. Wersto, NIA

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Basil A. Eldadah, NIA


  • Winifred K. Rossi, NIA