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2013 National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) Awards


Scientific/Medical Group Awards

NINDS Preclinical Rigor Working Group

In recognition of leadership of NINDS efforts to promote rigorous study design and transparent data reporting of NINDS-supported preclinical efficacy studies.

  • Amelie K. Gubitz, NINDS
  • Naomi Kleitman, NINDS
  • John D. Porter, NINDS
  • Shai D. Silberberg, NINDS
  • Ursula Utz, NINDS

NINDS Stroke Research Priorities Planning Team

For extraordinary leadership, perseverance, and creativity in coordinating and implementing the NINDS Stroke Research Priorities planning effort.

  • Francesca Bosetti, NINDS
  • Daofen Chen, NINDS
  • Katrina A. Gwinn, NINDS
  • Thomas P. Jacobs, NINDS
  • Lawrence S. Janis, NINDS
  • Michael S. Lauer, NHLBI
  • Timothy M. Lavaute, NINDS
  • Claudia S. Moy, NINDS
  • Katherine A. Pahigiannis, NINDS
  • Heather I. Rieff, NINDS
  • Katherine W. Saylor, NINDS
  • Paul A. Scott, NINDS
  • Salina P. Waddy, NINDS
  • Robert A. Zalutsky, NINDS

Scientific/Medical Individual Awards

For outstanding dedication and innovative contributions to basic and translational stroke research.

  • John M. Hallenbeck, NINDS

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • John D. Heiss, NINDS


  • Stacey D. Chambers, NINDS
  • Yuan Liu, NINDS
  • William E. Lyons, NINDS


  • Linda L. Porter, NINDS


  • Ramona R. Hicks, NINDS
  • Walter J. Koroshetz, NINDS


  • Margaret R. Arnett, NINDS
  • Marian Emr, NINDS
  • Yang C. Fann, NINDS
  • Katrina A. Gwinn, NINDS
  • Story C. Landis, NINDS
  • Daniel S. Reich, NINDS
  • Margo Warren, NINDS