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2013 Office of the Director (OD) Awards

Ruth L. Kirschstein Mentoring Award

Ruth L. Kirschstein Mentoring Award Individual Awards

For exemplary performance while demonstrating significant leadership, skill and ability in serving as a mentor.

  • Michael A. Eckhaus, OD


Administrative Group Awards

9800 Medical Center Dr. Pilot Acquisition Team

In recognition of an outstanding achievement executing a Pilot Acquisition Approach for a Multi-Tenant Bio-Chemical Laboratory Lease resulting in savings exceeding $25M and reduced risk.

  • Patrick C. Brady, OD
  • Carl R. Christine, OD

Olpa Staff

For creating opportunities for NIH Director Dr. Collins to educate members of Congress about biomedical research's importance to our country's health, economy, and global competitiveness.

  • Edward C. Culhane, OD
  • Patricia B. Hansberger, OD
  • Lauren G. Higgins, OD
  • Anne S. Houser, OD
  • Lauren Mullman, OD
  • Chol H. Pak, OD
  • Anne S. Tatem, OD
  • Thuy N. Vo, OD
  • Francis P. White, OD

NIH Strategic Communications Planning Group

For outstanding leadership in crafting a new strategic plan to transform NIH communications.

  • Marin P. Allen, OD
  • Courtney R. Billet, NIAID
  • Rick E. Borchelt, NCI
  • John T. Burklow, OD
  • Ann J. Dieffenbach, NIGMS
  • Marian Emr, NINDS
  • Calvin D. Jackson, OD
  • Lenora E. Johnson, NCI
  • Susan M. Johnson, NIDCR
  • Sally Mcdonough Niemiec, NHLBI
  • John C. Mcgrath, NICHD
  • Dennis Rodrigues, OD
  • Larry J. Thompson, NHGRI

Promoting The Intramural Research Program Leadership Team

For outstanding leadership and vision in creating the NIH IRP web site and for advancing allied efforts to raise the public profile of the IRP.

  • Margaret R. Arnett, NINDS
  • Andreas D. Baxevanis, NHGRI
  • L M. Bennett, NHLBI
  • Patricia M. Blessing, NIDCD
  • Laura S. Carter, OD
  • Benjamin V. Chambers, NHLBI
  • Yang C. Fann, NINDS
  • Mark T. Fredriksen, NHGRI
  • Brenda R. Hanning, NICHD
  • Susan M. Johnson, NIDCR
  • David S. Miller, NIEHS
  • Jeffrey D. Shilling, NCI
  • Sarah Sohraby, NEI
  • Christopher Wanjek, OD

Chimpanzees In Research

For extraordinary teamwork and expertise in managing the issue of chimpanzees in research on behalf of NIH.

  • David M. Cabrera, OD
  • Lauren G. Higgins, OD
  • Lora A. Kutkat, OD
  • Renate H. Myles, OD
  • Harold L. Watson, OD

Celebration Of Science Program Team

For developing the Celebration of Science NIH Day program, an exceptional event showcasing the value of NIH research.

  • Courtney R. Billet, NIAID
  • Rick E. Borchelt, NCI
  • Jennifer L. Burke, NIAID
  • Leighton Chan, CC
  • Diane L. Damiano, CC
  • Marian Emr, NINDS
  • Deborah S. Kassilke, NIDDK
  • Peter D. Kwong, NIAID
  • Daniel S. Reich, NINDS
  • Christopher J. Stanley, CC
  • Christina M. Stile, NICHD
  • Katherine A. Stover, NIAID
  • Larry J. Thompson, NHGRI
  • Philip S. Wang, NIMH
  • Margo Warren, NINDS
  • Janna P. Wehrle, NIGMS
  • Wendy J. Wertheimer, OD

Enhancing Peer Review Survey Consultant Group

In recognition of the outstanding collaborations of the Enhancing Peer Review Consultant Group to implement the second phase of Continuous Review of Peer Review.

  • Neeraj Agarwal, NEI
  • Sally A. Amero, OD
  • Regina M. Bures, NICHD
  • George Chacko, CSR
  • Mark D. Egli, NIAAA
  • Della M. Hann, OD
  • Meenaxi M. Hiremath, NIDA
  • Zoe E. Huang, NLM
  • Cheryl A. Kitt, OD
  • Hua Lin, NIAMS
  • Peter M. Lyster, NIGMS
  • Linda J. Piccinino, OD
  • Richard A. Rippe, NIAAA
  • Ruth L. Roberts, OD
  • Marvin L. Salin, NCI
  • Aileen M. Schulte, NIMH
  • Tamizchelvi Thyagarajan, NINR
  • Thomas M. Vollberg, NCI
  • Cheri L. Wiggs, NEI
  • David A. Wilson, NHLBI

Telework And Flexible Work Schedules Workgroup

In recognition of outstanding leadership in building a mobile organization that is recognized as a leader in telework for the federal government.

  • Julie B. Berko, OD
  • William G. Breithaupt, NIAMS
  • Christina Bruce, NCI
  • David S. Daubert, NIDA
  • Charlie W. Devine, OD
  • Daniel L. Dupuis, OD
  • Charles H. Fritz, OD
  • Thomas W. Hayden, OD
  • Stephen M. Hazen, CIT
  • Camille M. Hoover, NIDDK
  • David W. Kelly, OD
  • Shirley J. Labella, OD
  • Keith R. Lamirande, NIAAA
  • Sally A. Lee, NIGMS
  • Charlotte G. Pak, CC
  • Janet L. Shorback, OD
  • Timothy J. Tosten, CSR
  • Jean G. Wartonick, OD
  • Timothy J. Wheeles, NIDCD
  • Brandy J. Wimberly, OD

Administrative Individual Awards

In recognition of outstanding initiative and leadership developing and implementing the NIH's Behavioral and Social Sciences Research Multimedia Communication Program.

  • Ann C. Benner, OD

In recognition of outstanding contributions and exceptional efforts in overseeing the administrative sunsetting of the Division of Extramural Activities Support.

  • Mitzi E. Diley, OD

For sustained and excellent performance in the development, implementation, oversight and administration of the NIH Efficient Spending Policy.

  • Nicholas J. D'Ascoli, OD

In recognition of efforts to ensure NIH's ability to attract and retain top scientific talent.

  • Mary W. Blitz, OD

For exceptional and significant contributions to NIH in support of the agency's mission and priorities. This was accomplished through wise counsel to the NIH Director on a broad range of issues, including creation of the National Center for Advancing Translational Science, support of the National Children's Study, provision of long-term care for NIH-owned chimpanzees, and assurance of critical flexibility in NIH's budget and scientific programs.

  • Erik Fatemi, OD

Common Fund Leadership

Common Fund Leadership Group Awards

The Health Care Systems Research Collaboratory

For planning, developing innovative soliCitations, review and launch of the Health Care Systems (HCS) Research Collaboratory.

  • Josephine P. Briggs, NCCAM
  • David A. Chambers, NIMH
  • Elaine S. Collier, NCATS
  • Leslie K. Derr, OD
  • Dale L. Dreer, NCCAM
  • Russell E. Glasgow, NCI
  • Thomas R. Insel, NIMH
  • Laura L. Johnson, NCCAM
  • Michael S. Lauer, NHLBI
  • Catherine M. Meyers, NCCAM
  • Richard L. Nahin, NCCAM
  • Philip S. Wang, NIMH
  • Barbara L. Wells, NHLBI

NIH Director Early Independence Award Program

For the development of the Early Independence Award Program, an innovative initiative to allow exceptional young investigators to "skip the postdoc" and pursue independent research.

  • Richard A. Baird, NIBIB
  • Ravikumar Basavappa, OD
  • Richard S. Conroy, NIBIB
  • Mary E. Greenwood, NIDCR
  • Anne E. Menkens, NCI
  • Weijia Ni, CSR
  • Emmanuel K. Peprah, OD
  • Walter T. Schaffer, OD
  • Rodney E. Ulane, OD
  • Madeleine F. Wallace, OD


Scientific/Medical Group Awards

NIH Genomic Data Sharing Oversight And Governance Committees

In recognition of exceptional dedication in coordinating and overseeing the NIH Policy for Sharing Data Obtained in NIH Supported or Conducted Genome-wide Association Studies.

  • Sally A. Amero, OD
  • Hugh Auchincloss, NIAID
  • Alice S. Bailey, NHGRI
  • Valerie H. Bonham, OD
  • Sarah B. Carr, OD
  • Mark S. Caulder, NIDA
  • Stephen J. Chanock, NCI
  • Emily Y. Chew, NEI
  • Hemin R. Chin, NEI
  • Elaine S. Collier, NCATS
  • Camilla E. Day, NHGRI
  • Valentina Di Francesco, NIAID
  • David J. Eckstein, NCATS
  • Debbie K. Eng, NHLBI
  • Mike Feolo, NLM
  • Cathy M. Fomous, OD
  • Elizabeth M. Gillanders, NCI
  • Maria Y. Giovanni, NIAID
  • Eric D. Green, NHGRI
  • Tiffany A. Green, NCI
  • Alan E. Guttmacher, NICHD
  • Katrina A. Gwinn, NINDS
  • Emily L. Harris, NIDCR
  • Tyl Hewitt, NICHD
  • Charlotte S. Holden, OD
  • John V. Ilekis, NICHD
  • Thomas R. Insel, NIMH
  • Donna M. Krasnewich-Vostal, NIGMS
  • Holly K. Krull, NHLBI
  • Story C. Landis, NINDS
  • Kristofor K. Langlais, OD
  • Allison P. Lea, OD
  • Hilary Leeds, NHLBI
  • Thomas Lehner, NIMH
  • Erin S. Luetkemeier, OD
  • Kimberly A. Mcallister, NIEHS
  • Barbara M. Mcgarey, OD
  • Catherine Mckeon, NIDDK
  • Jim Ostell, NLM
  • Vivian Ota Wang, NHGRI
  • Vinay M. Pai, NIBIB
  • Taunton T. Paine, OD
  • Dina N. Paltoo, OD
  • Amy Pate Patterson, OD
  • Erin M. Ramos, NHGRI
  • Rebekah S. Rasooly, NIDDK
  • Laura L. Rodriguez, NHGRI
  • Winifred K. Rossi, NIA
  • Joni L. Rutter, NIDA
  • Bill Sharrock, NIAMS
  • Steve Sherry, NLM
  • Susan B. Shurin, NHLBI
  • Derrick C. Tabor, NIMHD
  • Geoffrey S. Tobias, NCI
  • Margaret Tucker, NCI
  • Lois A. Tully, NINR
  • Bracie Watson, NIDCD
  • Rosann N. Wise, NHGRI
  • Richard G. Wyatt, OD
  • Lora Ziyabari, NLM

NIH Clinical Center Collaborative Research Team

In recognition of exceptional vision and performance creating the first funding opportunity to support research between NIH Extramural Investigators, Intramural Investigators, and the Clinical Center.

  • Courtney D. Bell, CC
  • Valerie H. Bonham, OD
  • Joseph J. Ellis, OD
  • Della M. Hann, OD
  • Eugene G. Hayunga, NICHD
  • Holli B. Jaffe, OD
  • Maria T. Joyce, CC
  • Daniel L. Kastner, NHGRI
  • Patricia A. Kvochak, OD
  • Barbara M. Mcgarey, OD
  • Frederick P. Ognibene, CC
  • Patricia I. Piringer, CC
  • Anna L. Ramsey Ewing, NIAID
  • Mona J. Rowe, NICHD
  • Donald L. Schneider, CSR
  • Jennifer N. Simmons, CC
  • Catherine Y. Spong, NICHD
  • Constantine A. Stratakis, NICHD
  • Gretchen H. Weaver, OD

Biomedical Research Workforce ACD Working Group Support

In recognition of significant contributions and outstanding efforts supporting the Advisory Committee of the Director Working Group on the Biomedical Research Workforce.

  • Richard A. Baird, NIBIB
  • Michelle C. Dunn, NCI
  • Tiffani B. Lash, OD
  • Erica K. Rosemond, NCI
  • Walter T. Schaffer, OD
  • Cary L. Scheiderer, OD
  • Rodney E. Ulane, OD
  • Dorit Zuk, OD

Data And Informatics ACD Working Group Support

In recognition of significant contributions and outstanding efforts supporting the Advisory Committee of the Director Data and Informatics Working Group.

  • Eric D. Green, NHGRI
  • Mark S. Guyer, NHGRI
  • John J. Mcgowan, NIAID
  • Andrea T. Norris, CIT
  • Steven M. Thornton, OD
  • Jennifer L. Weisman, OD
  • Elizabeth L. Wilder, OD
  • Kevin D. Wright, NIAID

Diversity In The Biomedical Research Workforce ACD Working Group Support

In recognition of significant contributions and outstanding efforts supporting the Advisory Committee of the Director Working Group on Diversity in the Biomedical Research Workforce.

  • Rashada C. Alexander, OD
  • Donald L. Bordine, OD
  • Benjamin T. Butler, OD
  • Lisa Evans, OD
  • Justin D. Hentges, OD
  • Richard K. Nakamura, CSR
  • Roderic I. Pettigrew, NIBIB
  • Clifton A. Poodry, NIGMS
  • Susan B. Shurin, NHLBI
  • Elizabeth L. Wilder, OD
  • Masao R. Wilson, NIMHD

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Radha Krish Allam, OD
  • James B. Onken, OD
  • Sandeep R. Somaiya, OD
  • Priyesh J. Ved, OD


  • Mary E. Perry, OD


  • Foster K. Awuku, OD
  • Jeffery Battle, OD
  • Gopinath K. Boray, OD
  • Sharon A. Bruce, OD
  • James H. Carscadden, OD
  • Francis A. Clifford, OD
  • Romaine Cole, OD
  • William K. Floyd, OD
  • Gregg Gnipp, OD
  • Jennifer L. Hartzell, OD
  • Robert C. Horsch, OD
  • Thomas C. Judy, OD
  • Richard J. King, OD
  • James S. Koehler, OD
  • David W. Lankford, OD
  • James T. Miller, OD
  • Derek A. Newcomer, OD
  • Laurenti K. Ngutter, OD
  • Robert J. Ostrowski, OD
  • Donna M. Ouellet, OD
  • Raymond A. Phelps, OD
  • Frank J. Piatkowski, OD
  • James G. Pitt, OD
  • Pat J. Rice, OD
  • Terrie R. Wheeler, OD


  • Robert W. Eisinger, OD
  • Mary H. Nguyen, OD


  • Elizabeth A. Begg, OD
  • Alexander B. Blum, OD
  • Bethany E. Hoffman, OD
  • Donna Messersmith Jones, OD