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2014 National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) Awards


Administrative Group Awards

NIDA/NIH Spires Automated Publication Carts Team

In recognition of NIDA/NIHs new SPIRES real-time and continuous publication carts to enhance portfolio review activities.

  • Donna Byrd, OD
  • Augusto Diana, NIDA
  • Fallis O. Finch, OD
  • Matthew S. Finger, NIDA
  • Ying Gao, OD
  • Paul R. Jordan, OD
  • Marsha F. Lopez, NIDA
  • Genevieve C. Vullo, NIDA
  • Tisha R. Wiley, NIDA


Scientific/Medical Group Awards

Collaborative Research On Addictions At NIH (CRAN) Coordination Committee

For outstanding work implementing the first round of funding announcements in the new CRAN (Collaborative Research on Addictions at NIH) program.

  • Michele H. Bloch, NCI
  • Kevin P. Conway, NIDA
  • Casey G. Dicocco, NCI
  • Matthew S. Finger, NIDA
  • Yvonne M. Hunt, NCI
  • Denise A. Pintello, NIMH
  • David Shurtleff, NCCAM
  • Susan R. Weiss, NIDA

Scientific/Medical Individual Awards

For significant and timely contributions to the NIH mission by serving as an ambassador for educating the general public about the dangers of designer drugs.

  • Michael H. Baumann, NIDA

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Sheri D. Grabus, NIDA


  • Berhane Yitbarek, NIDA


  • Bruce E. Anderson, NIDA
  • Marla J. Jacobson, NIDA


  • Steven J. Grant, NIDA


  • Bruce E. Anderson, NIDA