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2016 Center for Information Technology (CIT) Awards


Administrative Group Awards

Nvision R12 Project Team

In recognition of the nVision R12 Project.

  • Susan Antrim, CIT
  • Milad Bahrami, CIT
  • Jennifer Bayless, CIT
  • Jonathan Burelbach, CIT
  • Debra Chavez, CIT
  • Karen Johnson, CIT
  • Mythanh Nguyen, CIT
  • Nagaraja Ramakrishnachar, CIT
  • Timothy Salo, CC
  • Alok Sood, CIT
  • Norman Thompson, CIT
  • Quynh Giao Tran, CIT
  • Nathaniel Wilvert, CIT


Scientific/Medical Group Awards

Virtual-Reality Systems Group

In Recognition of Using virtual-reality systems to dissect neural circuits of color-vision.

  • Sarah Anderson, CIT
  • Marcial Garmendia, CIT
  • Jonathan Krynitsky, CIT
  • Chi Lee, NICHD
  • Yan Li, NICHD
  • Thomas Pohida, CIT
  • Randall Pursley, CIT
  • Paul Smith, NIBIB

MRI Guided Cardiovascular Intervention Team

In recognition of The Development of Physiological Recording in MRI Environment (PRiME) for the Implementation of Radiation-Free MRI-Guided Right Heart Catheterization.

  • Jessica Crouch, CIT
  • Anthony Faranesh, NHLBI
  • Marcial Garmendia, CIT
  • John Kakareka, CIT
  • Robert Lederman, NHLBI
  • Jonathan Mazal, NHLBI
  • Kendall O'brien, NHLBI
  • Thomas Pohida, CIT
  • Randall Pursley, CIT
  • Kanishka Ratnayaka, NHLBI
  • Toby Rogers, NHLBI
  • William Schenke, NHLBI

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Inderjit Bakshi, CIT
  • Tammie Bowman, CIT
  • James Chung, CIT
  • Vikas Khator, CIT
  • Cassandra Mccauley, CIT
  • Andrea Norris, CIT
  • Radford Piver, CIT