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2017 National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) Awards


Administrative Group Awards

OMB M-16-02 Implementation Workgroup

In recognition for developing and delivering a successful response to the initial requirements of OMB's desktop and laptop category management policy, M-16-02.

  • Dianna L. Adams, NLM
  • John Buglio, CIT
  • Stacy H. Charland, OD
  • Minh T. Chau, OD
  • Ivor L. D'Souza, NLM
  • Bridget C. Gauer, OD
  • Brian K. Goodger, OD
  • William A. Hernandez, CC
  • Timothy S. Kerns, NIDDK
  • Christopher D. Kerr, OD
  • Ho T. Lam, NIAAA
  • Constance E. Latzko, NINR
  • Aaron M. Leavey, NIAID
  • Kyle C. Miller, NCI
  • Charles P. Noonan, NIMH
  • Thomas J. O'Hare, NLM
  • Christopher J. Ohlandt, NIAID
  • John A. Prue, NIDCR
  • Ricardo Rodriguez, OD
  • Federico A. Rosales, NINR
  • Scot D. Ryder, NIDCD
  • Donald B. Seymour, OD
  • Quang X. Tran, NIMH
  • Drew C. Trimble, NHLBI
  • Charles E. Whitley, NHGRI
  • Berhane Yitbarek, NIDA
  • Patricia D. Young, CSR

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Carol M. Beasley, NIDCR
  • Taleva M. Hall, NIDCR
  • Larry D. Sutton, NIDCR


  • Cynthia B. Boucher, NIDCR
  • Robert D. Lunsford, NIDCR