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2018 National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) Awards


Scientific/Medical Group Awards

GCASE Chaperone Project Team

For extraordinary leadership in advancing scientific understanding of Gaucher and Parkinson's diseases through discovery and development of first-in-class molecules with potential for treating these diseases.

  • Elma Aflaki, NHGRI
  • Krishna Balakrishnan, NCATS
  • Christopher Dillon, NCATS
  • Claire Driscoll, NHGRI
  • Marc Ferrer-Alegre, NCATS
  • Grisel Lopez, NHGRI
  • Juan J. Marugan, NCATS
  • Samarjit Patnaik, NCATS
  • Lillianne M. Portilla Weingarten, NCATS
  • Ellen Sidransky, NHGRI
  • Anna Solowiej, NHGRI
  • Noel Southall, NCATS
  • Barbara K. Stubblefield, NHGRI
  • Nahid Tayebi, NHGRI
  • Suryanarayana Vepa, NCATS
  • Wei Zheng, NCATS


Administrative Individual Awards

For extraordinary effort in establishing the first NIH-approved Domestic Employee Telework from an Overseas location agreement, and developing an NIH process for future requests.

  • Anita Brooks, NCATS

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Philip Brooks, NCATS
  • Anne Pariser, NCATS


  • Stacia Fleisher, NCATS
  • Irene M. Haas, NCATS
  • Lakeshia D. Wood, NCATS