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2018 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Awards


Scientific/Medical Group Awards

Rapid Disaster Research Program Implementation Team

For designing, implementing and evaluating a program which provides rapid funding to meet the public health research needs after disasters.

  • Janice Allen, NIEHS
  • Martha I. Barnes, NIEHS
  • Christina Drew, NIEHS
  • Symma Finn, NIEHS
  • Kimberly Gray, NIEHS
  • Alfonso R. Latoni, NIEHS
  • James Mastin, NIEHS
  • Sharmice Outen, NIEHS
  • Molly E. Puente, NIEHS
  • Leslie Reinlib, NIEHS
  • James Remington, NIEHS
  • Laura Thomas, NIEHS
  • Claudia Thompson, NIEHS
  • Steven Tuyishime, NIEHS
  • Frederick Tyson, NIEHS

Scientific/Medical Individual Awards

For successfully establishing the new Cryo-EM core at NIEHS and assembling a Cryo-electron microscopy consortium with Duke University and the University of North Carolina.

  • Mario Borgnia, NIEHS


Administrative Group Awards

NIEHS Net Zero Energy Warehouse Team

For extraordinary leadership and innovation in developing the first Net Zero Energy building in HHS.

  • Kyle Askins, OD
  • William Blair, OD
  • Daniel F. Burk, OD
  • Jeffrey Church, NIEHS
  • Debra Del Corral, NIEHS
  • Jack Field, NIEHS
  • Gregory Holland, OD
  • Laurie Johnson, NIEHS
  • Paul Johnson, NIEHS
  • Kimberly Jones, NIEHS
  • Robert S. Levine, NIEHS
  • Stanford Mckenzie, NIEHS
  • Nancy Powell, NIEHS
  • James Stancil, OD
  • Amanda Thompson, NIEHS
  • Richard Weaver, NIEHS
  • Fred Williams, NIEHS

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Kimberly Gray, NIEHS
  • Michelle Heacock, NIEHS
  • Michael Humble, NIEHS
  • Srikanth Nadadur, NIEHS


  • Bonnie Joubert, NIEHS
  • Kimberly Mcallister, NIEHS


  • Bruce Androphy, NIEHS
  • Elizabeth Mcnair, NIEHS
  • Regina Stabile, NIEHS
  • Jacqualine Stillwell, NIEHS
  • Mary Wolfe, NIEHS
  • Richard Woychik, NIEHS