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2019 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Awards


Scientific/Medical Group Awards

The Agricultural Health Study Research Team

For sustained cross-IC collaboration in leading efforts to understand the health of farmers and their families.

  • Michael C. Alavanja, NCI
  • Gabriella Andreotti, NCI
  • Laura Beane Freeman, NCI
  • Aaron E. Blair, NCI
  • Honglei Chen, NIEHS
  • Cynthia Hines, NIEHS
  • Jonathan Hofmann, NCI
  • Jane Hoppin, NIEHS
  • Freya Kamel, NIEHS
  • Stella Koutros, NCI
  • Jay Lubin, NCI
  • Charles F. Lynch, NIEHS
  • Christine Parks, NIEHS
  • Dale Sandler, NIEHS
  • Kent Thomas, NIEHS

NIEHS Postdoctoral Career Outcomes Initiative

For exceptional creativity and initiative in developing international standards for reporting postdoctoral career outcomes and in developing a novel interactive dashboard for visualizing these outcomes.

  • Tammy Collins, NIEHS
  • Hong Xu, NIEHS


Administrative Group Awards

NIEHS-ORF Hurricane Florence Response Team

For extraordinary leadership in preparing for and responding to Hurricane Florence.

  • Monya J W. Brace, NIEHS
  • Matthew S. Burr, NIEHS
  • Megan Irias, NIEHS
  • Julie Nixon, NIEHS
  • Terry Wells, OD
  • Fred Williams, NIEHS

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Laura Thomas, NIEHS


  • Jonathan Hollander, NIEHS
  • Michael Humble, NIEHS


  • Trevor Archer, NIEHS
  • Jonathan Hollander, NIEHS