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2020 Public Health Service Commissioned Corps Awards

Distinguished Service Medal

Distinguished Service Medal Individual Awards

For a distinguished USPHS career responding to HIV/AIDS and other infectious disease threats and building health research capacity worldwide from July 1996 to November 2019.

  • RADM Peter Kilmarx, FIC

Outstanding Service Medal

Outstanding Service Medal Individual Awards

For his scientific excellence and outstanding leadership in the conduct of a clinical trial in HIV prevention among key populations in Thailand.

  • RADM Timothy Holtz, OD

For exceptional administrative and scientific leadership during extended coverage of OBSSR Director responsibilities.

  • CAPT Christine Hunter, OD

For his extraordinary research career resulting in multiple discoveries that have transformed our understanding of obesity.

  • CAPT Jack Yanovski, NICHD

For sustained leadership in supporting the NIH, NIAID and its Director and laboratories in research and communication about deadly influenza pandemics.

  • CAPT David Morens, NIAID

For developing a novel test method to measure capture efficiency of portable air filtration devices used during building construction activities.

  • CAPT Derek Newcomer, OD

For research exploring occupational exposures to anesthetic agents, which yielded improved techniques to minimize risk of illness to healthcare providers.

  • CAPT Derek Newcomer, OD

For guiding the development and release of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd edition from start to finish.

  • CAPT Richard Troiano, NCI

For demonstrating unusually high-quality initiative in leadership and making exceptional contributions to the NIH mission in training over 4500 individuals.

  • CDR Evan Shukan, OD

For outstanding leadership in tuberculosis drug and vaccine development to address urgent global crisis in tuberculosis.

  • CDR Eric Zhou, NIAID

For his exemplary leadership in the development and operation of the Prevention through Active Community Engagement (PACE) Program between 2012 and 2018.

  • CDR Leo Gumapas, OD
  • CDR John Pesce, NIAID

For leadership, innovation, and proficiency in designing and conducting the first-in-human clinical trial of an experimental Ebola treatment named mAb114.

  • LCDR Martin Gaudinski, NIAID

Outstanding Unit Citation

Outstanding Unit Citation Group Awards

2017 Emergency Repatriation Award

For outstanding leadership and services provided to individuals repatriated to Puerto Rico as a result of the catastrophic 2017 Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

  • RADM Jane G. Smith, NCI

Reversing the Mortality Rate Group

For their work in the Nation's Drug Overdose Crisis for the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH).

  • CAPT Michelle Leff, NIDA
  • CAPT Paul Na, NIDA
  • CAPT Jeffrey Schulden, NIDA
  • CDR John Hubbard, NIDA
  • CDR Michael Kluk, NCI
  • LDCR Stacy Yung, NIDA