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2021 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Awards


Scientific/Medical Individual Awards

For dedication and passion for research into COVID-19/SARS-CoV-2, and for leadership in receiving NIH-wide funds through the RADx Rad program.

  • Oswaldo A. Lozoya, NIEHS

For excellence in research and communication on a controversial topic of public health importance.

  • Katie M. O'Brien, NIEHS


Administrative Group Awards

NIEHS Asymptomatic Testing Site Team

For establishing and operating the asymptomatic COVID-19 testing site at NIEHS, serving all NIH staff in North Carolina.

  • William M. Blair, OD
  • Kimberly E. Burnett-Hoke, NIEHS
  • Heather M. Crum, CC
  • Heather A. Davis, OD
  • Debra D. Del Corral, NIEHS
  • Maria P. Fagoaga, CC
  • Janet E. Hall, NIEHS
  • Robert S. Levine, NIEHS
  • Jon W. McKeeby, CC
  • Irisneia Merscher, NIEHS
  • Robert W. Neiberger, NIEHS
  • Julie D. Nixon, NIEHS
  • Ericka E. Pearce, NIEHS
  • Shepherd H. Schurman, NIEHS
  • James V. Stancil, OD
  • Terry Wells, OD
  • Fred M. Williams, NIEHS
  • Arrash T. Yazdani, NIEHS

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Lingamanaidu V. Ravichandran, NIEHS


  • Kimberly A. Gray, NIEHS


  • Jonathan A. Hollander, NIEHS


  • Trevor K. Archer, NIEHS
  • David M. Balshaw, NIEHS
  • Douglas A. Bell, NIEHS
  • Danielle J. Carlin, NIEHS
  • Gwen W. Collman, NIEHS
  • Yuxia Cui, NIEHS
  • Christopher G. Duncan, NIEHS
  • Kimberly A. Gray, NIEHS
  • Jenny L. Greer, NIEHS
  • Michelle L. Heacock, NIEHS
  • Cindy P. Lawler, NIEHS
  • Lindsey A. Martin, NIEHS
  • Sheila A. Newton, NIEHS
  • Liam R. O'Fallon, NIEHS
  • Clark A. Phillips, NIEHS
  • Kimberly G. Thigpen Tart, NIEHS
  • Claudia L. Thompson, NIEHS
  • James R. Williams, NIEHS
  • Richard P. Woychik, NIEHS