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2022 National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS) Awards


Administrative Group Awards

NIH Blueprint D-SPAN F99/K00 Team

For outstanding administration of an innovative program to support transition of underrepresented graduate students from neuroscience postdoctoral positions to goal of becoming independent neuroscience researchers.

  • Crystal Anderson, NINDS
  • Albert Avila, NIDA
  • William Benzing, NINDS
  • Roger Campbell, NINDS
  • Lataisia Jones, NINDS
  • Michelle Jones-London, NINDS
  • Lynn King, NIDCR
  • Stephen Korn, NINDS
  • Marguerite Matthews, NINDS
  • Lauren Ullrich, NINDS
  • Ashlee Van't Veer, NIMH

NINDS BEACON Program for Nurses Committee

For exemplary leadership and creativity in creating BEACON, a program to build engagement and community for nurses.

  • Frances Andrada, NINDS
  • Elizabeth Bartrum, NINDS
  • Kaitlyn Benson, NINDS
  • Eugena Bergvall, CC
  • Maureen Gormley, NINDS
  • Rosalind Hayden, NINDS
  • Avindra Nath, NINDS
  • Joan Ohayon, NINDS
  • Mary Sofranko, NINDS
  • Andrea Varea, NINDS

RECOVER Initiative Outreach, Engagement, and Communications Team

For extraordinary leadership of and contribution to the outreach, engagement, and communications activities of the Trans-NIH RECOVER Initiative.

  • Hillary Archer, NHLBI
  • Ryan Calabrese, NINDS
  • Amanda Fine, OD
  • Natalie Frazin, NINDS
  • Alissa Gallagher, NINDS
  • Lauren Hochman, NHLBI
  • Lenora Johnson, NHLBI
  • Andrea Lerner, NIAID
  • Barbara McMakin, NINDS
  • Renate Myles, OD
  • Amy Patterson, NHLBI


Scientific/Medical Group Awards

EPPIC-Net Team

For sustained and exceptional performance in the development and funding of early phase clinical trials for non-addictive pain therapeutics through the EPPIC-Net program.

  • Jennifer Barnes, NINDS
  • Jennifer Beierlein, NCATS
  • Carlos Faraco, NINDS
  • Rebecca Hommer, NINDS
  • Barbara Karp, NINDS
  • Rosa Lopez-Lemus, NINDS
  • Marilyn Moore-Hoon, NINDS
  • Ana Olariu, NINDS
  • Marlene Peters Lawrence, NINDS
  • Erna Petrich, NINDS
  • Shantadurga Rajaram, NINDS
  • Tjerignimin Silue, NINDS
  • Clinton Wright, NINDS

NeuroCOVID Team

In recognition of their work rapidly establishing the NIH/NYU NeuroCOVID Database/Biobank to inform understanding of COVID-19 neurological complications and effects on neurological conditions.

  • Jennifer Beierlein, NCATS
  • Rebecca Hommer, NINDS
  • Barbara Karp, NINDS
  • Maria Mendoza-Puccini, NINDS
  • Marlene Peters Lawrence, NINDS
  • Clinton Wright, NINDS

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Severn Churn, NINDS


  • Carsten Bonnemann, NINDS


  • Emily Caporello, NINDS
  • Sara Dauber, NINDS
  • Sarah Robinson Schwartz, NINDS
  • Natalie Trzcinski, NINDS


  • Christine Koch-Paiz, NINDS


  • Richard Benson, NINDS
  • Sara Dodson, NINDS


  • Irene Adams, NINDS
  • Elizabeth Bartrum, NINDS
  • Jeremy Brown, NINDS
  • Erin Bryant, NINDS
  • Michaela Cortes, NINDS
  • Mary Kay Floeter, NINDS
  • Ladifatou Fouanta, NINDS
  • Cesar Garzon, NINDS
  • Jordan Gladman, NINDS
  • Margaret Hayward, NINDS
  • Sadhana Jackson, NINDS
  • Christine Jones, NINDS
  • Angela Kokkinis, NINDS
  • Walter Koroshetz, NINDS
  • Marguerite Matthews, NINDS
  • Nina Schor, NINDS
  • Jonathan Shoenig, NINDS
  • Gail Tarlton, NINDS
  • James Washington, NINDS
  • Clinton Wright, NINDS
  • Ariel Zane, NINDS