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2023 Clinical Center (CC) Awards

A message from Dr. James Gilman, Chief Executive Officer, NIH Clinical Center.


Individual Awards

In recognition of superior leadership in the midst of changing Clinical Center COVID requirements.

  • Deborah L. Gutierrez, CC

Customer Service

Individual Awards

For more than 30 years of Outstanding Customer Service to the NIH.

  • Chung Hee L. Row, CC

Emerging Leaders

Individual Awards

In recognition of the great leadership provided to her peers and colleagues within the Clinical Center.

  • Mary Stitely, CC

In recognition of dedication and commitment to care for the pediatric patients at the NIH Clinical Center.

  • Brian Arias, CC

Mission Support

Individual Awards

In recognition of consistent exceptional customer service to Clinical Center and NIH customers.

  • Sandra Jones, CC

In recognition of exemplary services rendered to customers throughout the Clinical Center.

  • Kiana Patrick, CC

Scientific/Medical - Clinical Care

Individual Awards

In recognition of extraordinary dedication to patients and staff in sustaining safe efficient pharmacy operations.

  • Marilyn Farinre, CC

Scientific/Medical - Research

Group Awards

3D-Printed Ventilator Research Leadership Team

In recognition of research efforts to develop a novel miniature 3D-printed ventilator.

  • Andrew J. Mannes, CC
  • William F. Pritchard, CC

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Mikee Andres, CC
  • Belinda D. Avila, CC
  • Richard Balta, CC
  • Jeffrey Fein, CC
  • Josephine Fleming, CC
  • Steven Highfill, CC
  • Valeria Hoang, CC
  • Fang Hua, CC
  • Xiaowei Lu, CC
  • Roba Megersa, CC
  • Ning Miao, CC
  • Joann Postadan, CC
  • Paulette A. Price, CC
  • Sarmila Sarkar, CC
  • Robert P. Somerville, CC
  • David F. Stroncek, CC


  • Alyson Bennington, CC
  • Seth Carlson, CC
  • Gregg Cohen, CC
  • Ronald Declerck, CC
  • Mary Jo Godwin, CC
  • Karen Kaczorowski, CC
  • Susan Kasun, CC
  • Alexander Ling, CC
  • Jeanne Preuss, CC
  • Kevin P. Smith, CC
  • Diane Tate-Whatley, CC


  • Sanchita Das, CC
  • Alison Han, CC
  • Robbie Kattappuram, CC
  • Henry Masur, CC
  • Nitin Seam, CC
  • Visnouka Vann, CC
  • Jung-Ho Youn, CC


  • Seth Carlson, CC
  • Patricia Coffey, CC
  • Jon W. McKeeby, CC


  • Alexis Braxton, CC
  • Ila Flannigan, CC