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2023 Common Fund Unsung Heroes Guidelines


The purpose of this award is to recognize the NIH staff who work behind the scenes to lead the logistics, awards management, communications, evaluations, and other management aspects of Common Fund programs. The award recognizes the superior performance or special efforts of those individuals or groups whose effort is critical to the success of Common Fund programs.


All NIH employees who are involved with the management of Common Fund programs.


  • Superior skill and/or leadership in organizing the logistics of Common Fund Working Groups and Common Fund consortia, in establishing evaluation and/or communication strategies, or in resolving complex award issues with awardee institutions.
  • Collaboration with staff across NIH to produce a coordinated response to a management challenge.
  • Nominations must be in response to a sustained commitment to the management of Common Fund programs over multiple years or in response to a substantial management challenge over the past year.

Some Examples could include, but not limited to

  • Superlative efforts in developing and launching a new Common Fund program.
  • Managing a Common Fund program resulting in significant advances in human health and disease.
  • Evaluating, closing out, and transitioning a Common Fund program to a permanent source of support to ensure the utility and longevity of the resources.