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2023 Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (PHS) Awards

A message from RADM Richard R. Childs, M.D., Clinical Director, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute.

Outstanding Service Medal

Individual Awards

Outstanding leadership and initiative in volunteering to travel overseas to prepare a clinical site for an FDA audit of a clinical trial.

  • CAPT Mark S. Miller, NIAID

For superior leadership in establishing and managing a federal jurisdiction for COVID/Monkeypox vaccines and therapeutics for NIH and HHS partner agencies.

  • CDR Megan M. Brose, OD

For outstanding leadership on scientific investigations that directly led to approval of novel COVID-19 vaccines in children.

  • CDR Cristina V. Cardemil, NIAID

For continuous outstanding programmatic leadership in overseeing the management of the NIH Commissioned Corps Awards Board Program.

  • CDR Richard D. Johnson, OD

For outstanding efforts to establish disseminate nutrition recommendations after prophylactic total gastrectomy to national and international audiences.

  • CDR Rachael C. Lopez, CC

For continuous leadership in regulatory oversight over the first Hepatitis E virus vaccine clinical trial in U.S.

  • CDR Eric X. Zhou, NIAID

For continuous outstanding leadership in his regulatory oversight over the first prophylactic vaccine clinical trial against the hepatitis C virus.

  • CDR Eric X. Zhou, NIAID

For outstanding continuous leadership in initiating, developing, and implementing National COVID Cohort Collaborative in response to COVID-19 Pandemic.

  • CDR Xinzhi Zhang, NHLBI

In Recognition of leading a team in sequencing and analyzing over 25,000 SARS-CoV-2 samples.

  • LCDR Christopher P. Morris, NIAID

For leading a first-in-human clinical trial featuring a next-generation anti-malarial monoclonal antibody for the prevention of malaria.

  • LCDR Richard L. Wu, NIAID

Outstanding Unit Citation

Group Awards

The Planning Team of the National Essay Contest on Youth Mental Health

Superior leadership, outstanding achievement, and long-lasting impact in promoting mental health awareness and wellbeing in youths nationwide.

  • Zieta M. Charles, NIMH
  • Rina Das, NIMHD
  • Alexander H. Denker, NINDS
  • LT Lacreisha Ejike-King, OD
  • Karen M. Gavin-Evans, NIMH
  • LT Jiali He, OD
  • Linda H. Huynh, NICHD
  • LCDR Daniel Lee, OD
  • LCDR Heather Light, OD
  • Michelle Lo, OD
  • Valerie Maholmes, NICHD
  • Karen E. Mulak, NICHD
  • Maria Nurminskaya, NICHD
  • Heather R. Ovelmen, NIMH
  • LT Rachael Oyewolen, OD
  • Sybil Philip, NICHD
  • Shelly M. Pollard, NIMHD
  • LCDR Chaolong Qi, OD
  • Gina P. Roussos, NIMHD
  • CDR Nancy Tian, OD
  • CDR Michelle Tsai, OD
  • LCDR Rebecca Wong, OD
  • Xinzhi Zhang, NHLBI
  • CDR Eric X. Zhou, NIAID