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2023 Fogarty International Center (FIC) Awards

A message from Dr. Peter Kilmarx, Acting Director, Fogarty International Center.

Customer Service

Individual Awards

For sustained exceptional customer service in FIC administration.

  • Leonardo Garzon-Velez, FIC

Mission Support

Individual Awards

For outstanding handling of FIC mail services.

  • Bertha Y. Solis, FIC

Scientific/Medical - Research

Group Awards

NIH Leadership Group for the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases

For outstanding leadership of the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases, an international coalition to address chronic diseases in vulnerable populations in the US and globally.

  • Maines L. Aviles-Santa, NIMHD
  • Richard Benson, NINDS
  • Seetha Bhagavan, CSR
  • Andrew Bremer, NICHD
  • Stacey Chambers, NINDS
  • Minki Chatterji, NIA
  • Chandima De Abrew Rajapakse, NHLBI
  • Austin Downs, FIC
  • Kathleen Etz, NIDA
  • Minnjuan Flournoy Floyd, NIDA
  • Michelle Freund, NIDA
  • Andrea Horvath Marques, NIMH
  • Richard Kwok, NIA
  • Lindsey Martin, NIEHS
  • Elizabeth L. Neilson, OD
  • Lisa A. Neuhold, NEI
  • Bradley Newsome, FIC
  • Mark Parascandola, NCI
  • Gyan Prakash, NEI
  • Marie Ricciardone, NCI
  • Joshua P. Rosenthal, FIC
  • Rachel M. Sturke, FIC
  • Jenelle Walker, NICHD
  • Makeda Williams, NHLBI

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Nalini Anand, FIC
  • Celia Katz, FIC
  • Flora N. Katz, FIC
  • Amit Mistry, FIC
  • Joshua P. Rosenthal, FIC


  • Dexter E. Collins, FIC