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2023 Scientific/Medical - Clinical Care Guidelines


Recognition of an individual or group(s) within the NIH Clinical Care community that has consistently made outstanding contributions to patient care and well-being in support of the NIH mission.


All NIH employees, staff, or groups of staff (which can include contractors) who provide exceptional patient care.


  • Participate and promote patient well-being by providing exceptional medical treatment of individual patients, including testing, diagnosis, treatment, and hospitalization.
  • Extraordinary achievement in the application of medical principles and methods to support and advance the mission of the NIH. Such includes the application of a new medical principle, process or enterprise resulting in substantial benefits.
  • Outstanding contribution, whether individual or among a special committee, which handles NIH-wide medical initiatives, procedures, or operations.

Some examples could include, but are not limited to

  • The candidate or group can be providing exceptional patient care, such as Physicians, Physicians Assistants, Therapists, Nurses, Dentists, and Anesthesiologists. These examples are not inclusive of all potential positions at NIH.
  • Contributions of volunteers who assist clinical staff with direct patient care and provide extraordinary assistance during staff shortages.
  • Outstanding contribution, whether individual or among a group, operationalizing vaccination clinics and participating in the administration of vaccine doses.