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2023 Administrative Guidelines


Recognition of an individual or group who has consistently made outstanding contributions to advancing and supporting the NIH Mission.


All NIH employees, staff, and groups of staff (which can include contractors) performing, administering, or working in administrative functions.


  • Extraordinary initiative, collaboration, or leadership in carrying out activities to improve NIH operations or to benefit the NIH.
  • Development and improvement of methods, procedures, or equipment resulting in substantial benefits to the NIH.
  • Significant resourcefulness and competence in improving the administrative management of the NIH.
  • Outstanding contribution, beyond regular attendance, to a special committee or task force dealing with NIH-wide policies, procedures, and operations.

Some examples could include, but are not limited to

  • The candidate or group may include professionals in Budget, Human Resources, Grants Management, Contracts, Accounting, Information Technology, and Public Affairs and Communication; or scientists who engage in administrative work to support the mission of the NIH.
  • Support staff who were essential to the achievement should also be included in groups. These examples are not inclusive of all potential positions at NIH.
  • Administrative work performed by scientists (e.g., planning a symposium) would fit into this category.