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2023 Mission Support Guidelines


Recognition of an individual or group(s) within the NIH that has consistently made outstanding contributions in supporting ongoing maintenance, office support, and critical infrastructure of NIH in support of the NIH mission.


  • All NIH employees, staff, or groups of staff (which can also include contractors) in grades GS-1 through GS-12 or equivalent performing activities that support ongoing maintenance, office support, and infrastructure of the NIH.
  • Nominations must not have employees in grades GS-13 or above, with the exception of a single team lead for a group that otherwise meets that grade limit.


  • Outstanding efforts in applying technical or clerical support skills to accomplish the NIH mission
  • Extraordinary initiative in carrying out activities to improve NIH program operations or to benefit the NIH environment
  • Remarkable competence, compassion, or heroism in an emergency situation at the NIH
  • Sustained and exceptional performance beyond regular duty requirements in carrying out a difficult task

Some examples could include, but are not limited to

  • The candidate or group may include Emergency Services, Administrative Technicians, Purchasing Agents, Assistants, Junior Management Analysts, Electricians, Plumbers, etc. These examples are not inclusive of all potential positions at NIH.
  • Exceptional achievement in the application of data literacy principles to analyze, improve, and maintain efficient work processes in support of the mission of the NIH. Such include program analysis and operational management.
  • Extraordinary display of heroism in emergency and rescue initiatives to protect public safety and health.
  • Outstanding contribution in providing maintenance and security to the NIH infrastructure.