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2023 Scientific/Medical - Research Guidelines


Recognition of an individual or group(s) within the NIH scientific and/or medical community that has made outstanding contributions to advancing research in support of the NIH mission.


All NIH employees, staff, or groups of staff (which can also include contractors) performing research, administering clinical/scientific disciplines, or working in scientific research professions.


  • Exceptional display of leadership in promoting the advancement of the understanding or application of scientific phenomena, processes, or problems.
  • Extraordinary achievement in the application of scientific/medical principles and methods to support and advance the mission of NIH. Such could include the discovery or invention of a new scientific/medical principle, process, or device resulting in substantial benefits.
  • Outstanding contributions, beyond regular attendance, to a special committee or task force dealing with NIH-wide scientific policies, initiatives, procedures, or operations.

Some examples could include, but are not limited to

The candidate or group may include Medical Officers, Health Science Researchers/Administrators, Biologists, Chemists, Veterinarians, Dentists, and Nurses. Support staff who were essential to the achievement should also be included in groups. These examples are not inclusive of all potential positions at NIH.