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2023 National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH) Awards

A message from Dr. Helene Langevin, Director, National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health.

Scientific/Medical - Research

Group Awards

CMS-NIH Leadership Subgroup to Develop Resource for Pain Assessment

For the successful planning, development and launching of a public-facing resource of pain assessment resources for professionals.

  • Ellen Blackwell, NCCIH
  • Sekai Chideya-Chihota, NCCIH
  • Scott Lawrence, NCCIH
  • Janelle Letzen, NINDS
  • Shari Ling, NCCIH
  • Lauren Lowenstein, NCCIH
  • Barry Marx, NCCIH
  • Lanay Mudd, NCCIH
  • Leah Pogorzala, NINDS
  • Linda L. Porter, NINDS
  • Sara Rue, NCCIH
  • Erin Spaniol, OD
  • Jean Stiller, NCCIH
  • Laura Wandner, NINDS
  • Wendy Jo. Weber, NCCIH

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Jane Colilla, NCCIH


  • Elizabeth M. Ginexi, NCCIH


  • Rebecca Coca, NCCIH
  • Mary Kester, NCCIH
  • Denesha Simmons, NCCIH