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2023 National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Awards

A message from Dr. Joshua Gordon, Director, National Institute of Mental Health.


Group Awards

NIH ORS/DATS Child and Family Programs Team

For dedication to NIH families in successfully developing and implementing a strategic transition plan to ensure childcare at NIH-sponsored centers remains of the highest quality.

  • Susan Borst, OD
  • Louis Brennan, OD
  • Tammie Edwards, OD
  • Russell Mason, OD
  • Bradley D. Moss, OD
  • Linda Owen, OD
  • Timothy Tosten, OD

NIMH Anti-Racism Task Force Steering Committee

For championing and executing an innovative approach of inclusion-oriented listening sessions to support DEIA qualitative reporting and strategic planning for the NIMH community.

  • Nichole Cook, NIMH
  • Jovier D. Evans, NIMH
  • Martha Hennen, OD
  • Lauren D. Hill, NIMH
  • Collene Lawhorn, NIMH
  • Nicole H. Martino, NIMH
  • Isaac Morales, NIMH
  • Terry A. Mundell, NCI
  • Melissa Park, NCI
  • Geeta Strange, NIMH

Customer Service

Group Awards

NIMH Neuroscience Center Activation Team

For outstanding contributions in the activation of the Neuroscience Center (NSC) Leased facility for the NIH Institute occupants.

  • Heather Coulter, NIMH
  • Mannan Dasti, NIMH
  • Jin Oh. Hong, OD
  • Michael Albert Linsangan, NIMH
  • Nicole H. Martino, NIMH
  • Charles Noonan, NIMH
  • Stephanie Powell, NIMH
  • Namrata Puthran, NIMH
  • Stephen Yinger, OD
  • Byong I. Yun, OD

Emerging Leaders

Individual Awards

For outstanding and noteworthy contributions to promoting an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace.

  • David Tyler, NIMH

Mission Support

Group Awards

NIMH Emergency Management Team and IRP Space & Facilities Team

For exceptional dedication to their customers during a catastrophic facility emergency.

  • Kimberly Blackmon, NIMH
  • Michael Moore, NIMH
  • Luz Angela Rosas, NIMH
  • Kristopher Sharer, NINDS
  • Robert Sullivan, NIMH
  • Patricia Williams, NIMH

Scientific/Medical - Research

Group Awards

Accelerating Medicines Partnership Schizophrenia Program Team

For exceptional collaboration and leadership of the Accelerating Medicines Partnership Schizophrenia program.

  • Loni Ajagbe, OD
  • Eline Appelmans, OD
  • Frank R. Avenilla, NIMH
  • Rebecca Beer, NIMH
  • Heidi Blythe, OD
  • Linda S. Brady, NIMH
  • Sharon Chang, NIMH
  • Gregory Farber, NIMH
  • Suzanne Garcia, NIMH
  • Margaret Grabb, NIMH
  • Robert K. Heinssen, NIMH
  • Wesley Horton, OD
  • Daniel Janes, NIMH
  • Theresa R. Jarosik, NIMH
  • Noam Keren, NINDS
  • Robert T. Kirker, NIAID
  • Stephen Lalekos, NIMH
  • Michael Lessmeier, NIMH
  • Jane Lin, NIMH
  • Sarah H. Lisanby, NIMH
  • Allen Lo, NIMH
  • Nicole Miko, NIMH
  • Sarah Morris, NIMH
  • Jonathan Pevsner, NIMH
  • Sri Ramulu Pullagura, OD
  • Laura Rowland, NIMH
  • Jonathan Sabbagh, NIMH
  • Alessio Travaglia, OD
  • Siavash Vaziri, NIMH
  • Sarah Wijtenburg, NIMH
  • Ming Zhan, NIMH

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Tracy Waldeck, NIMH


  • Andrea Horvath Marques, NIMH


  • Rosa Lafer-Sousa, NIMH


  • Sue Chen, NIMH


  • Phyllis Ampofo, NIMH
  • Megan E. Kinnane, NIMH
  • Rachel Scheinert, NIMH


  • Shelli Avenevoli, NIMH
  • Lauren Cooper, NIMH
  • Meredith Fox, NIMH
  • Christopher M. Gordon, NIMH
  • Lauren D. Hill, NIMH
  • Collene Lawhorn, NIMH