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2022 Mission Support Guidelines

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You are viewing guidelines for the 2022 awards. See award guidelines for the current year.


All NIH employees or groups of employees in grades GS-1 through GS-12 or Wage Grade (WG)-equivalent technical work in trades, crafts, or labor work. NOTE: The intent of this award is to recognize employees who may not be otherwise included in the administrative or scientific category. The team members in this category must be at a GS-12 or below to be considered in the selection process, only exception would be a group team lead.


  • Outstanding efforts in support of the NIH mission.
  • Extraordinary initiative in carrying out activities to improve NIH program operations or to benefit the NIH environment.
  • Remarkable competence, compassion, or heroism dealing with an emergency situation at the NIH.
  • Development and improvement of methods, procedures, or equipment resulting in substantial benefits to the NIH or the U.S. Government.
  • Sustained and exceptional performance beyond regular duty requirements in carrying out a difficult task.