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2012 National Institute of Arthritis and Musculoskeletal and Skin Diseases (NIAMS) Awards

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Group Awards

The NIAMS National Multicultural Outreach Initiative

In recognition of outstanding efforts in establishing the NIAMS National Multicultural Outreach Initiative, dedicated to reaching underserved racial and ethnic populations.

  • Robert H. Carter, NIAMS
  • Kaitaia H. Fu, CC
  • Gerda D. Gallop-Goodman, NIAMS
  • Nancy A. Garrick, NIAMS
  • Gayle E. Lester, NIAMS
  • Anita M. Linde, NIAMS
  • Ethelinda M. Lising, NIAMS
  • Melanie M. Martinez, NIAMS
  • Patricia L. Reynolds, NIAMS
  • Allisen B. Stewart, NIAMS
  • Gwenyth R. Wallen, CC
  • Michael M. Ward, NIAMS
  • Sara R. Wilson, NIAMS

Individual Awards

In recognition for outstanding service to the NIAMS Intramural Research Program.

  • Joan L. Mancuso, NIAMS


Group Awards

The NIAMS Community Health Center Initiative

For exceptional leadership in delivery of compassionate and cost-effective care, clinical research, and teaching at the NIAMS Community Health Center.

  • Alice M. Fike, NIAMS
  • Mark F. Gourley, NIAMS
  • Barbara B. Mittleman, OD
  • Isabel A. Ochoa-Navas, NIAMS
  • Johanna C. Urdinola, NIAMS
  • Michael M. Ward, NIAMS

Individual Awards

For exemplary leadership in advancing research on the fundamental mechanisms regulating chromatin architecture and gene expression in health and diseases.

  • Vittorio Sartorelli, NIAMS