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2014 Center for Information Technology (CIT) Awards

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Ruth L. Kirschstein Mentoring Award

Individual Awards

For exemplary performance while demonstrating significant leadership, skill, and ability in serving as a mentor.

  • Phillip W. Day, CIT


Group Awards

ITAS Technical Team

In recognition of excellence in performing time-sensitive mass timecard adjustments enabling NIH Federal employees to receive back-pay for the interval during the government shut down.

  • Inderjit K. Bakshi, CIT
  • Julie B. Berko, OD
  • Tammie L. Bowman, CIT
  • James Y. Chung, CIT
  • Shirley J. Flottum, OD
  • Rennie T. Franklin, OD
  • Elena Lozovatsky, CIT
  • Hiwot K. Maru, CIT
  • Thande Njuguna, CIT
  • Jack A. Vinner, CIT

nVision Integrated Data Analytics Project

In recognition of excellence in delivering significant improvements to the NIH's Financial and Human Resources reporting capability while reducing the ongoing cost to the NIH.

  • Suzanne M. Barmine, CIT
  • Jennifer Bayless, CIT
  • Robert E. Butz, CIT
  • Debra B. Chavez, CIT
  • Stephanie L. Clark, CIT
  • Munir D. Esmail, CIT
  • Darla M. Hayes, OD
  • Marcia I. Lissauer, CIT
  • Jaime J. Martinez, OD
  • Thomas L. Mclaughlin, CIT
  • Terri L. Messick, OD
  • Khasim Mohammed, CIT
  • Kevin P. Murphy, OD
  • D' Angelo E. Perrier, CIT
  • Sherry R. Quinn, CIT
  • Nagaraja Ramakrishnachar, CIT
  • C John Slovikosky, OD
  • Nitin Tewari, CIT
  • Janis S. Villadiego, OD
  • Nathaniel R. Wilvert, CIT

NIH Wireless Network Infrastructure Group

In recognition of excellence in the improvements to NIH's wireless network infrastructure that enables exponentially better connectivity, reliability and mobility in critical NIH locations.

  • Michael L. Griffin, CIT
  • Stephan G. Linstrom, CIT
  • Charles G. Matthews, CIT
  • Robert S. Meyers, CIT
  • Nghia H. Tang, CIT

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Kenneth T. Cox, CIT


  • Michael G. Foecking, CIT
  • Mattias T. Oster, CIT
  • Darren J. SchNEIder, CIT
  • Andrew M. Schwartz, CIT
  • Nathaniel R. Wilvert, CIT


  • Phillip W. Day, CIT
  • Dennis T. Kemp, CIT
  • Constance E. Latzko, CIT