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2015 National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) Awards

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Ruth L. Kirschstein Mentoring Award

Individual Awards

For exemplary performance while demonstrating significant leadership, skill and ability in serving as a mentor.

  • Marc Ferrer, NCATS

Common Fund Leadership

Group Awards

NIH Microphysiological Systems (Tissue Chip) Program Project Team

In recognition of outstanding contributions managing and providing oversight to the Microphysiological Systems Program, recognized world-wide as innovative technology in therapy development and disease modeling.

  • Nathan M. Appel, NIDA
  • Guillermo A. Arreaza-Rubin, NIDDK
  • David M. Balshaw, NIEHS
  • Amy R. Bartosch, NCATS
  • Jill L. Carrington, NIDDK
  • Myrtle D. Davis, NCI
  • Kristin M. Fabre, NCATS
  • Michael F. Flessner, NIDDK
  • Nancy L. Freeman, NIDCD
  • Gabriel E. Hidalgo, NCATS
  • Rosemarie D. Hunziker, NIBIB
  • Qing S. Lin, NHLBI
  • Christine A. Livingston, NIDCD
  • Nadya L. Lumelsky, NIDCR
  • Martha S. Lundberg, NHLBI
  • Matthew J. Mcmahon, NEI
  • Leah R. Miller, OD
  • Melody Mills, NIAID
  • David M. Panchision, NIMH
  • Mary E. Perry, OD
  • Leslie J. Reinlib, NIEHS
  • Sheryl M. Sato, NIDDK
  • Jose Serrano, NIDDK
  • Douglas M. Sheeley, NIGMS
  • Brian S. Sorg, NCI
  • Margaret L. Sutherland, NINDS
  • Danilo A. Tagle, NCATS
  • Hung Tseng, NIAMS
  • Fei Wang, NIAMS
  • Anne Zajicek, NICHD


Group Awards

Therapeutics For Rare And Neglected Diseases (TRND) Program Team

For extraordinary efforts and achievements in advancing seven investigational drugs towards human testing and achieving preclinical milestones that enabled novel public and private partnerships.

  • Asaf R. Alimardanov, NCATS
  • Mark L. Behnke, NCATS
  • Nuria Carrillo Carrasco, NCATS
  • Catherine Chen, NCATS
  • James C. Cradock, NCATS
  • Elizabeth A. Ottinger, NCATS
  • Philip E. Sanderson, NCATS
  • Pramod S. Terse, NCATS
  • Natasha G. Thorne, NCATS
  • Amy Q. Wang, NCATS
  • Xin Xu, NCATS
  • Na N. Yang, NCATS
  • Wei Zheng, NCATS

Ebola Drug Repurposing Screen Team

For extraordinary collaborative efforts to rapidly identify approved or experimental drugs that could be candidates for treating Ebola.

  • Rosemarie Aurigemma, NIAID
  • Krishna Balakrishnan, NCATS
  • Sina Bavari, NCATS
  • Penny W. Burgoon, NCATS
  • Catherine Chen, NCATS
  • Christopher J. Dillon, NCATS
  • William E. Dowling, NIAID
  • Ann E. Eakin, NIAID
  • Cindy Fuchs, NCATS
  • Rajarshi Guha, NCATS
  • Lisa E. Hensley, NIAID
  • Ajit P. Jadhav, NCATS
  • Jennifer L. Kouznetsova, NCATS
  • Michael G. Kurilla, NIAID
  • Scott E. Martin, NCATS
  • Cynthia D. Mcconnell, NCATS
  • Pamela M. Mcinnes, NCATS
  • Samuel G. Michael, NCATS
  • Omid Motabar, NCATS
  • Bryan T. Mott, NCATS
  • Michael R. Mowatt, NIAID
  • Charles D. Niebylski, NCATS
  • Rekha Panchal, NCATS
  • Sylvia L. Parsons, NCATS
  • Lillianne M. Portilla, NCATS
  • Sheli Radoshitsky, NCATS
  • Patricia M. Repik Byrne, NIAID
  • Philip E. Sanderson, NCATS
  • Helen F. Schiltz, NIAID
  • Paul Shinn, NCATS
  • Veronica Soloveva, NCATS
  • Geoffrey C. Spencer, NCATS
  • Wei Sun, NCATS
  • Gregory J. Tawa, NCATS
  • Travis Warren, NCATS
  • Wei Zheng, NCATS
  • Kathryn C. Zoon, NIAID
  • Dorit Zuk, NCATS

Individual Awards

For exemplary skill and effort in the management of all automation-driven elements of the NCATS Division of Pre-Clinical Innovation's portfolio.

  • Samuel G. Michael, NCATS

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Christopher P. Austin, NCATS
  • Krishna Balakrishnan, NCATS
  • Nuria Carrillo Carrasco, NCATS
  • James C. Cradock, NCATS
  • Seameen J. Dehdashti, NCATS
  • Andres E. Dulcey Garcia, NCATS
  • Juan J. Marugan, NCATS
  • John C. Mckew, NCATS
  • Charles D. Niebylski, NCATS
  • Elizabeth A. Ottinger, NCATS
  • Lillianne M. Portilla, NCATS
  • Noel T. Southall, NCATS
  • Wei Sun, NCATS
  • Manju Swaroop, NCATS
  • Pramod S. Terse, NCATS
  • Mengqiao Wang, NCATS
  • Miao Xu, NCATS
  • Xin Xu, NCATS
  • Wei Zheng, NCATS


  • Lillianne M. Portilla, NCATS