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2019 Center for Information Technology (CIT) Awards

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Group Awards

Strides Initiative Team

For launching the groundbreaking STRIDES Initiative, which harnesses the power of commercial cloud computing for NIH and NIH-funded researchers.

  • Vivien Bonazzi, OD
  • Benjamin Butler, OD
  • Ann Gawalt, NHLBI
  • Jennifer Gray, CIT
  • Christopher Hammond, OD
  • Anthony Kerlavage, NCI
  • Renate Myles, OD
  • Kathleen O'Sullivan, NHLBI
  • James Ostell, NLM
  • Jeffrey Snyder, NHLBI
  • Alastair Thomson, NHLBI
  • Michael Weber, CIT
  • Elizabeth Wilder, OD


Group Awards

CIT High Performance Computing Expansion Team

For exceptional leadership in providing NIH investigators a world-class HPC environment for advancing biomedical science and positioning NIH as a global leader in biomedical computing.

  • Steven A. Bailey, CIT
  • Andreas D. Baxevanis, NHGRI
  • Susan Chacko, CIT
  • Gennady A. Denisov, CIT
  • Afif Elghraoui, CIT
  • Steven A. Fellini, CIT
  • Paul Hambright, CIT
  • David M. Hoover, CIT
  • Patsy L. Jones, CIT
  • Charles R. Lehr, CIT
  • Nien Chen Mao, CIT
  • Benjamin Miller, NHLBI
  • Charlene Osborn, CIT
  • Mark M. Patkus, CIT
  • Ronald Perez, CIT
  • Laura Pryor, CIT
  • Daniel Reisman, CIT
  • Wolfgang Resch, CIT
  • Jerez Te, CIT
  • Andrew Wright, CIT

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • David O'Brien, CIT