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2020 National Eye Institute (NEI) Awards

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You are viewing 2020 award results. See awards for the current year.


Group Awards

Optimize NIH Property Team

In recognition of extraordinary initiative and leadership in carrying out activities to improve NIH Property Program operations and benefit the NIH environment.

  • Emily M. Ballou, OD
  • Kim M. Black, NIDDK
  • Sergey M. Grinkrug, NIAID
  • Fanta Kamara, OD
  • Jessica L. Keener, NIAID
  • James A. Keisler, OD
  • Andrew D. Kelly, NCATS
  • Tina M. Kelsey, NICHD
  • George L. Martinez, OD
  • John J. Mcgowan, NIAID
  • Yenis C. Parada-Mejia, NIAID
  • Danielle L. Payne, NEI
  • Ellen M. Rolfes, NHGRI
  • Jessica R. Ryan, NEI
  • Keith H. Savage, NIAID
  • Victoria L. Schneider, NIAID
  • Waquita S. Smith, NIAID
  • Margaret A. Straubinger, OD
  • Brian G. Trent, NEI
  • Michael A. Tucker, NCI
  • Alonso J. Villanueva Valdivia, NIAID


Group Awards

RPE Cell Therapy Team

For exceptional teamwork leading to a ground-breaking discovery in the field of RPE Cell Therapy.

  • Juan A. Amaral, NEI
  • Irina Bunea, NEI
  • Maria M. Campos, NEI
  • Kristi N. Creel, NEI
  • Roba G. Dejene, NEI
  • Steven L. Highfill, CC
  • Fang Hua, CC
  • Balendu S. Jha, CC
  • Yichao Li, NEI
  • Arvydas Maminishkis, NEI
  • Mary J. Mattapallil, NEI
  • David M. Mcgaughey, NEI
  • Kiyoharu J. Miyagishima, NEI
  • Haohua Qian, NEI
  • James M. Raber, NEI
  • Aaron C. Rising, NEI
  • Sarmila Sarkar, CC
  • Ruchi Sharma, NEI
  • Rafael S. Villasmil, NEI
  • Qin Wan, NEI
  • Dan Yu, CC
  • Congxiao Zhang, NEI

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Grace L. Shen, NEI


  • Houmam H. Araj, NEI