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2021 Center for Scientific Review (CSR) Awards

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Group Awards

COVID Rapid Response for Peer Review Team

For the rapid development and deployment of IT infrastructure and swift changes in administrative practices to support virtual peer review during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Eduardo J. Bedon, CSR
  • Melinda A. Bennett, CSR
  • Dipak K. Bhattacharyya, CSR
  • James X. Geng, CSR
  • Lauren B. Gibson, CSR
  • Maya M. Jones, CSR
  • Ashlee M. Outlaw, CSR
  • Sharon A. Sealey, CSR
  • Ross D. Shonat, CSR
  • Lie Wu, CSR

Reviewer Finder Platform Team

For the development of the SRO Reviewer Finder platform, integrating new and existing sources facilitating recruitment of a more diverse pool of qualified peer reviewers.

  • Kristin M. Kramer, CSR
  • Christine L. Melchior, CSR
  • Mohammad K. Ullah, CSR
  • Harish B. Vajja, CSR
  • Lie Wu, CSR


Group Awards

CSR Evaluating Panel Quality in Review (ENQUIRE) Team

For their outstanding work in implementing 42 restructured study sections comprising the first four clusters assessed through CSR's systematic, data-driven ENQUIRE process.

  • John L. Bowers, CSR
  • Eugene D. Carstea, CSR
  • Maribeth Champoux, CSR
  • Cathleen L. Cooper, CSR
  • Hope M. Cummings, CSR
  • Valerie L. Durrant, CSR
  • Samuel C. Edwards, CSR
  • Jonathan K. Ivins, CSR
  • Alexei D. Kondratyev, CSR
  • Katherine M. Malinda, CSR
  • Weijia Ni, CSR
  • Delia Olufokunbi. Sam, CSR
  • Ross D. Shonat, CSR
  • Elaine Sierra-Rivera, CSR
  • Maqsood A. Wani, CSR

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Barney D. Price, CSR


  • Hsin Juan, CSR


  • Gabriel B. Fosu, CSR
  • James J. Li, CSR


  • Alyssa T. Brooks, CSR
  • Hope M. Cummings, CSR
  • Kristin M. Kramer, CSR
  • Sharon A. Sealey, CSR