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2021 Public Health Service Commissioned Corps (PHS) Awards

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Distinguished Service Medal with Valor

Individual Awards

Superior leadership of the deployment to Japan, highest quality of care and access to Remdesivir for compassionate use trial for COVID-19.

  • RADM Richard R. Childs, NHLBI

Meritorious Service Medal with Valor

Individual Awards

For exemplary leadership and outstanding contributions as the Executive Officer for the USPHS COVID-19 Japan Team Remdesivir Mission in Tokyo, Japan.

  • CAPT Julie Erb-Alvarez, NHLBI

Meritorious Service Medal

Individual Awards

For exceptional leadership in improving health and quality of life for persons live with or at risk of HIV throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.

  • CAPT Mary T. Glenshaw, OD

For outstanding contributions as lead Clinical Specialist for the USPHS COVID-19 Japan Team 2 Remdesivir Mission.

  • CAPT Josef F. Rivero, NHLBI

Outstanding Service Medal

Individual Awards

For continuous outstanding leadership in global and domestic infectious disease prevention and control.

  • CDR Cristina V. Cardemil, NIAID

For continuous outstanding programmatic leadership in overseeing the management of the migration to Direct Access and the Health Professions Special Pays.

  • LCDR Richard D. Johnson, OD

For exceptional leadership while serving as acting Director, Division of Occupational Health and Safety.

  • CAPT Derek A. Newcomer, OD

For NCI leadership on the planning and achievement of the 2019 Pathways to Prevention Workshop to advance national health equity efforts.

  • CDR Antoinette Percy-Laurry, NIMHD

For outstanding leadership providing implementation science relevance to the development of nationwide cancer patient objectives for the health of the nation.

  • CDR Antoinette Percy-Laurry, NIMHD

For rapid recognition and life-saving action related to a rare COVID-19 related case of anaphylaxis during the NIH vaccination operations.

  • LCDR Margaret S. Whelpley, NHLBI

For sustained and innovative leadership while serving as Chief of Staff at the National Institute of Environmental Health Service.

  • CDR Mark F. Miller, NIEHS

Assistant Secretary of Health Exceptional Service Medal

Individual Awards

For exceptional career of scientific achievement leading to clinical trials, and dramatic responses, for a new cell-based therapy against kidney cancer.

  • RADM William R. Childs, NHLBI

Outstanding Unit Citation

Group Awards

2017 Emergency Repatriation Award

For outstanding leadership and services provided to individuals repatriated to Puerto Rico as a result of the catastrophic 2017 Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

  • LT Kimberlea N. Gibbs, NICHD

AMSUS USPHS Planning Committee

For dedicated leadership & service in coordinating & showcasing the US PHS in the annual Association of Military Surgeons of the United States (AMSUS) conference.

  • LCDR Michael J. Banyas, NIMHD
  • CAPT Josef F. Rivero, NHLBI
  • CDR Alfredo R. Sancho, OD


For exemplary leadership in promoting public health and advocating community mitigation measurement to stop the spread of COVID-19.

  • CAPT Mark S. Miller, NIAID
  • CDR Nadra C. Tyus, NIMHD

FDA Opioid Overdose Response and Naloxone Training Team

For outstanding team performance in coordinating & facilitating training and certification to over 3100 people as opioid overdose responders nationwide.

  • CAPT Daniel M. Goldstein, NHLBI
  • CDR John T. Pesce, NIAID
  • LCDR Melanie Webb, CC

NIH Opioid Overdose Response Team

For training of staff from NIH and other agencies in opioid overdose response in response to the national opioid overdose crisis.

  • LDCR Adeola O. Adeyeye, NIAID
  • LT Zavera R. Brandon, CC
  • LCDR Jamillah D. Bynum, CC
  • CDR Paula A. Carter, NCI
  • LCDR Jamie S. Cherup, NINDS
  • CDR Christopher W. Dubose, NIDDK
  • CDR Joseph R. Fontana, NHLBI
  • CDR Fortin S. Georges, CC
  • CAPT Daniel M. Goldstein, NHLBI
  • CDR Geri L. Hawks, CC
  • CDR Haksong Jin, NCATS
  • CAPT Antoinette L. Jones, CC
  • LCDR Tameika N. Kastner, OD
  • CDR Raven N. McGlotten, NICHD
  • LT Kathryn W. McNamara, OD
  • CAPT Lori M. Newman, NIAID
  • LCDR James G. Pitt, OD
  • CAPT Megan S. Startzell, NIDDK
  • LCDR Melanie Webb, CC
  • CDR Andrew Yang, OD
  • LT Theresa Yu, NCI
  • LCDR Stacy Yung, NIDA
  • LCDR Xinzhi Zhang, NHLBI

PACE Opioid Plan Development Team

For significant contributions to the public health mission of educating middle and high school students about the risks and health effects of opioid abuse.

  • CAPT Michael B. Ahmadi, NHLBI
  • CDR John T. Pesce, NIAID

Individual Awards

NNMC Physical Assessment Course

For contributions to the creation and maintenance of a national training program in physical assessment for pharmacists.

  • LT Samora F. Casimir, CC