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2012 National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) Awards

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You are viewing 2012 award results. See awards for the current year.


Group Awards

NCATS Standup

For extraordinary efforts in the establishment of the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences.

  • Kourosh Ahadpour, NCATS
  • Mayra A. Alvarez Lopez, NCATS
  • Rhanda H. Anderson, NCATS
  • Roslin J. Babb, NCATS
  • James V. Blagaich, NCATS
  • Anita L. Brooks, NCATS
  • Ronald L. Davis, NCATS
  • Mariam D. Deacy, NCATS
  • Laura K. Gent, NIMHD
  • Josephine C. Kennedy, NCATS
  • Truong Q. Le, NCATS
  • Hee C. Lee, NCATS
  • James J. Mcwilliams, NCATS
  • Dimitrios Metaxotos, NHGRI
  • Judith A. O'Keefe, NCATS
  • Zintesia A. Page, NCATS
  • Josabeth N. Paredes, NCATS
  • Anang A. Phatak, NCATS
  • Robert M. Philippi, NCATS
  • Sabrina A. Posley, NCATS
  • Robin C. Prigal, NCATS
  • Bonnie L. Richards, NCATS
  • James E. Sergent, NCATS
  • Mehul R. Shah, NCATS
  • Yuliya M. Shifrin, NCATS
  • Errol K. Stewart, NCATS
  • Bryan J. Tills, NCATS
  • Patrick J. Walsh, NCATS
  • Carrie L. Watkins, NCATS


Group Awards

Malaria Strain Profiling Team

For far-reaching discoveries of genes responsible for malaria drug resistance and drug combinations to overcome it, which will catalyze new therapies for this worldwide scourge.

  • Christopher P. Austin, NCATS
  • Chih-Chien Cheng, NCATS
  • Rajarshi Guha, NCATS
  • Ruili Huang, NCATS
  • James Inglese, NCATS
  • Ronald L. Johnson, NCI
  • Anna Liu, NIAID
  • Sittiporn Pattaradilokrat, NIAID
  • Xinzhuan Su, NIAID
  • Thomas E. Wellems, NIAID
  • Jing Yuan, NIAID

NCATS Pharmaceutical Collection Team

For exceptional efforts in building a comprehensive, freely available electronic resource of all approved drugs and a drug screening collection that empowers systematic drug repurposing.

  • Christopher P. Austin, NCATS
  • Ruili Huang, NCATS
  • Ajit P. Jadhav, NCATS
  • Dac-Trung C. Nguyen, NCATS
  • Paul Shinn, NCATS
  • Noel T. Southall, NCATS
  • Yuhong Wang, NCATS
  • Adam Yasgar, NCATS

NCATS - Ensuring The Best Quality Collaborations Team

For exceptional efforts in creating and implementing novel processes for NCATS to quickly, efficiently, and effectively market, solicit, evaluate and initiate collaborative translational research projects.

  • Phyllis D. Frosst, NCATS
  • Anthony N. Jackson, NCATS
  • John C. Mckew, NCATS
  • Katherine Noveras, NCATS
  • Susan E. Old, NCATS
  • Andre M. Pilon, NCATS
  • Nora Yang, NCATS

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Rosemarie Filart, NCATS


  • Holly J. Atherton, NCATS
  • Christopher P. Austin, NCATS
  • James V. Blagaich, NCATS
  • Sheryl K. Brining, NCATS
  • Bonnie B. Dunn, NCATS
  • Bobbi W. Gardner, NCATS
  • Laura K. Gent, NCATS
  • Irene M. Grissom, NCATS
  • Anthony R. Hayward, NCATS
  • Theresa M. Lamotte, NCATS
  • Susan E. Lowenthal, NCATS
  • Cynthia D. Mcconnell, NCATS
  • Amy R. Mcguire, NCATS
  • Judith A. O'Keefe, NCATS
  • Gunta I. Obrams, NCATS
  • Lillianne M. Portilla, NCATS
  • Sabrina A. Posley, NCATS
  • Stephen G. Seidel, NCATS
  • Erin P. Shannon, NCATS
  • Geoffrey C. Spencer, NCATS
  • Errol K. Stewart, NCATS
  • David B. Wilde, NCATS
  • Heng Xie, NCATS