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2014 National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) Awards

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Group Awards

Cohort Studies Contract Acquisitions Team

For exceptional project leadership, administrative coordination, and Scientific development of renewals of the CARDIA study, the Hispanic Community Health Study, and the Jackson Heart Study.

  • Maines L. Aviles-Santa, NHLBI
  • Cheryl A. Jennings, NHLBI
  • Tara C. Knox, NHLBI
  • Cheryl R. Nelson, NHLBI
  • Jared P. Reis, NHLBI
  • Catherine P. VaNCIse, NHLBI
  • Elizabeth R. Zoller, NHLBI


Individual Awards

In recognition of exceptional dedication and performance in providing mission-critical support for the Institute's Advisory Council.

  • Rosa L. Hugo, NHLBI

In recognition of exceptional customer focused support to the Executive Office and the NHLBI Scientific and administrative community.

  • Rachel M. Studdard, NHLBI


Group Awards

The NIH Centers For Accelerated Innovations Program

For exceptional leadership in establishing the NIH Centers for Accelerated Innovations Program, to catalyze translation of Scientific discoveries into products that improve health.

  • Jodi B. Black, NHLBI
  • Kristin L. Goltry, NHLBI
  • Albert Lee, NHLBI
  • Stephen C. Mockrin, NHLBI
  • Traci H. Mondoro, NHLBI
  • Patricia J. Noel, NHLBI
  • Kathleen T. Rousche, NHLBI
  • Susan B. Shurin, NHLBI

Individual Awards

For sustained Scientific leadership in the prevention and treatment of obesity and the role of nutrition in cardiovascular health.

  • Catherine M. Loria, NHLBI

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Anthony J. Agresti, NHLBI
  • Robin E. Boineau, NHLBI
  • Ann M. Brasile Mejac, NHLBI
  • Teresa F. Marquette, NHLBI
  • Yves D. Rosenberg, NHLBI
  • Mario Stylianou, NHLBI


  • Weiniu Gan, NHLBI
  • Jennie E. Larkin, NHLBI


  • Youngsuk Oh, NHLBI


  • Susan B. Shurin, NHLBI


  • Rachael L. Tracy, NHLBI


  • Timothy S. Kerns, NHLBI
  • Brian W. Parsons, NHLBI
  • Justin H. Platt, NHLBI


  • Paul C. Croarkin, NHLBI
  • Susan B. Shurin, NHLBI