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2015 National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB) Awards

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Group Awards

NIH Administrative Hub Team

In recognition of their leadership and innovative efforts in the development of the "NIH Admin. Hub" for the NIH administrative community, including 6,000 users.

  • Zoe Ann I. Copeland, NIBIB
  • Anuraj R. Dandgaval, NIBIB
  • Jeffrey D. Domanski, NIBIB
  • Anthony J. Fransella, NIBIB
  • Charles H. Fritz, OD
  • Mary K. Hogan, NIDCD
  • Aida M. Klun, NIDA
  • Martha A. Randazzo, OD
  • Pradip Shrestha, NIBIB


Individual Awards

For outstanding Scientific leadership and creativity in pioneering critically important, and now widely-adopted, biophysical methods for studying the dynamics of complex macromolecular interactions.

  • Peter W. Schuck, NIBIB

For extraordinary vision in founding and leading the Interagency Modeling and Analysis Group and the Multi-scale Modeling Consortium.

  • Grace C. Peng, NIBIB

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Rosemarie D. Hunziker, NIBIB