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2017 Center for Information Technology (CIT) Awards

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You are viewing 2017 award results. See awards for the current year.


Group Awards

NIH Fitara Working Group

For exceptional leadership and resourcefulness in coordinating NIH's implementation of the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA).

  • Teresa S. Booher, OD
  • Michelle J. Boyle, OD
  • Latanya S. Burton, NIAMS
  • Stacy H. Charland, OD
  • Ivor D'Souza, NLM
  • Phillip W. Day, OD
  • Mary C. Digiulian, OD
  • Raymond W. Dillon, OD
  • Inna Faenson, OD
  • Jonathan K. Folkers, NIAAA
  • Diane J. Frasier, OD
  • Gregg A. Friedman, NIDA
  • Bridget C. Gauer, OD
  • Charles W. Grewe, NIAID
  • Susan M. Haddad, NHLBI
  • Darla M. Hayes, OD
  • Kurt E. John, CIT
  • Charlie H. Jones, OD
  • Hilda N. Magezi, OD
  • Archana M. Mohale, NICHD
  • Matthew G. Montano, NEI
  • Charles E. Newman, NIAID
  • Michael D. O'Donnell, NIA
  • Mary E. O'Meara, OD
  • Kathleen B. O'Sullivan, NHLBI
  • Morgan E. Ribar, NIDDK
  • Daniel A. Sands, OD
  • James W. Seach, OD
  • Jeffrey D. Shilling, NCI
  • Patrick A. Shirdon, NIA
  • Mark L. Silverman, OD
  • Charles M. Singleton, OD
  • Ashley B. Stewart, OD
  • Dante Stumpo, NIAID
  • Michael Tartakovsky, NIAID
  • Ellen Vizzini, OD
  • Jeffrey H. Weiner, NIDDK


Group Awards

NIH High Performance Computing Expansion Initiative Team

For the HPC Team (aka Biowulf) doubled computational capacity and storage, supported 500+ scientific applications to enable NIH Intramural researchers to solve complex biomedical problems.

  • Steven A. Bailey, CIT
  • Susan Chacko, CIT
  • Steven A. Fellini, CIT
  • David C. Godlove, CIT
  • Paul B. Hambright, CIT
  • David M. Hoover, CIT
  • Patsy L. Jones, CIT
  • Charles R. Lehr, CIT
  • Nien Chen Mao, CIT
  • Benjamin T. Miller, NHLBI
  • Charlene P. Osborn, CIT
  • Mark M. Patkus, CIT
  • Laura H. Pryor, CIT
  • Wolfgang Resch, CIT
  • Richard D. Troxel, CIT
  • Sylvia M. Wilkerson, CIT
  • Andrew J. Wright, CIT

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Sharon R. Abdullah, CIT
  • Keisha M. Martin, CIT
  • Pedro Morales-Llanos, CIT
  • Vivek Navale, CIT


  • John Buglio, CIT


  • John Buglio, CIT
  • Brian R. Cole, CIT
  • Ryan G. Crawford, CIT
  • Scott A. Dildine, CIT
  • Robert L. Flowers, CIT
  • Michael S. Hewitt, CIT
  • Lowell D. Long, CIT
  • Michael J. Stout, CIT