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2017 National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) Awards

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Group Awards

NCATS Biomedical Data Translator Program

For truly beyond-the-pale work in establishing the NCATS Biomedical Data Translator Program and reinventing the Other Transactions awards process while supporting flexible, impact-driven, team science.

  • Philip J. Brooks, NCATS
  • Penny W. Burgoon, NCATS
  • Christine M. Colvis, NCATS
  • Stacia H. Fleisher, NCATS
  • Christian T. Gilliland, NCATS
  • Irene M. Haas, NCATS
  • Carol Lambert, NCATS
  • Cynthia D. Mcconnell, NCATS
  • Pamela M. Mcinnes, NCATS
  • Anna L. Ramsey-Ewing, NCATS
  • Noel T. Southall, NCATS
  • Mohan Viswanathan, NCATS


Group Awards

NCATS Streamlined, Multisite, Accelerated Resources For Trials (SMART) Irb

For creation of SMART IRB Reliance Platform to accelerate implementation of single IRB review for multisite studies.

  • Michelle A. Culp, NCATS
  • Artisha Y. Eatmon, NCATS
  • Stacia H. Fleisher, NCATS
  • Kenneth R. Gersing, NCATS
  • Henrietta D. Hyatt-Knorr, NCATS
  • Patricia L. Jones, NCATS
  • Samantha G. Jonson, NCATS
  • Petra Kaufmann, NCATS
  • Pamela M. Mcinnes, NCATS
  • Mary E. Purucker, NCATS
  • Katherine A. Schwartz, OD
  • Monica Shah, NCATS

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Nicholas P. Dicrosta, NCATS


  • Michelle A. Culp, NCATS
  • Lillianne M. Portilla, NCATS