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2017 Office of the Director (OD) Awards

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Group Awards

I-Corps Program Expansion Team

For superior team resourcefulness and leadership in administration and expansion of the I-Corps program with substantial benefit to Enhancing the NIH and CDC missions.

  • Julia V. Berzhanskaya, NCCIH
  • Christie A. Canaria, NCI
  • Stephanie J. Fertig, NINDS
  • Margaret C. Grabb, NIMH
  • Sean Griffiths, OD
  • Hsin-Hao Timothy Hsiao, NIAID
  • Michael-David A. Kerns, NIA
  • Elena V. Koustova, NIDA
  • Natalia Kruchinin, NIAID
  • Robert D. Lunsford, NIDCR
  • Roger L. Miller, NIDCD
  • Lillianne M. Portilla, NCATS
  • Matthew E. Portnoy, OD
  • Victor G. Prikhodko, NIDA
  • Louis A. Quatrano, NICHD
  • Betty R. Royster, OD
  • Megan L. Ryan, NIAAA
  • Daniel T. Shaughnessy, NIEHS
  • Jennifer C. Shieh, NHLBI
  • Michael W. Smith, NHGRI
  • Michael S. Weingarten, NCI

Division Of Senior And Scientific Executive Management Team

For exceptional administrative support provided to the NIH executive community.

  • Tonya M. Briscoe, OD
  • Catherine M. Dinsmore, OD
  • Brenda J. Fogel, OD
  • Carmen L. Garcia, OD
  • William H. Hennings, OD
  • Claude M. Lawson, OD
  • Mariela F. Light, OD
  • Meghan L. Lloyd, OD
  • Lynnita D. Spears, OD

Enhancing The Stewardship Of NIH-Funded Clinical Trials Team

For extraordinary dedication to the enhancement of the stewardship of NIH-funded clinical trials.

  • Monica A. Basco, CSR
  • Valerie H. Bonham, OD
  • Cynthia B. Boucher, NIDCR
  • Michelle P. Bulls, OD
  • Sarah B. Carr, OD
  • Melissa C. Colbert, OD
  • Megan Columbus, OD
  • Michelle A. Culp, NCATS
  • Alfred J. D'Amico, OD
  • Diane W. Dean, OD
  • Mohammed K. Elzarrad, OD
  • Valery M. Gordon, OD
  • Ann M. Hardy, OD
  • Stefanie Harris, OD
  • Petrice B. Longenecker, OD
  • Sherry L. Mills, OD
  • Samantha J. Tempchin, OD
  • Meredith D. Temple-O'Connor, OD

Annual Physical Fitness Test Working Group

For efficiently researching and recommending changes to improve the physical readiness requirements for all USPHS officers.

  • Bart Drinkard, CC
  • Richard Troiano, NCI

The Division Of Microbiology And Infectious Diseases, NIAID

For superior performance in the accelerated development and implementation of four high priority clinical trials to evaluate a novel Zika vaccine.

  • Shu Cai, NIAID
  • Kay Tomashek, NIAID

Special Clinical Studies Unit

For providing exemplary nursing care for patients at the NIH Clinical Center exposed to or infected with Ebola Virus Disease.

  • Kimberly Adao, CC
  • Yvette Downing, CC
  • Yolawnda Mckinney, CC
  • Alexander Ross, CC
  • Jason Wood, CC

Individual Awards

Outstanding service to the Office of the NIH Director as Deputy Director for Intramural Clinical Research (DDICR) during a time of administrative challenge and reorganization.

  • Andrew J. Griffith, NIDCD

For outstanding contributions as Acting Deputy Director for Management and Chief Financial Officer and leading extraordinary achievements in enterprise-wide financial management and delivery.

  • Alfred C. Johnson, OD

For PHS career contributions to tobacco/alcohol misuse prevention, public health surveillance, communication, and the Cancer Prevention Fellowship Program.

  • David Nelson, NCI

For outstanding meritorious initiative, personal courage, and leadership as Team 2's Chief Medical Officer of the Monrovia Medical Unit in Liberia.

  • Richard Childs, NHLBI

For the development of recombinant immunotoxin moxetumomab pasudotox for relapsed hairy cell leukemia, including eradication of minimal residual disease.

  • Robert Kreitman, NCI

For leadership and achievement in the international advancement of genetic syndromes and public health in diverse populations.

  • Paul Kruszka, NHGRI

For Meritorious Service to the NIH, the Corps, and Department of Health and Human Services for Leadership in the US Ebola Virus Disease Response.

  • Daniel Chertow, CC

For exemplary leadership in launching the Common Fund Diversity Program Consortium, contributing national insights to effective research training and mentoring strategies for diverse students.

  • Helena Mishoe, NHLBI

For outstanding leadership in the implementation of an electronic patient reported outcomes measurement system in the NIH intramural research program.

  • Margaret Bevans, CC

For exceptional leadership and accomplishments during a thirty year career at the National Institutes of Health.

  • Michael Eckhaus, OD

For outstanding leadership/achievements in addressing behavioral research gaps in diabetes.

  • Christine Hunter, NIDDK

For outstanding nursing leadership and management in opening of the Special Clinical Studies Unit (SCSU) at the National Institutes of Health.

  • Ann Matlock, CC

For development and successful execution of two clinical trials of cancer therapeutic vaccines benefiting patients with prostate, gastroesophageal and colon cancer.

  • Lauren Wood, NCI

For her outstanding leadership in a dual role as Chief Nurse Officer supervising 34 officers and Operations Chief during the Monrovia Medical Unit Mission.

  • Allison Adams, CC

For outstanding leadership and exceptional advances in the epidemiology of emerging infectious diseases globally, August 2010 - August 2016.

  • Jennifer Adjemian, NIAID

For continuous outstanding leadership during the West Africa EVD outbreak and NIH's oversees efforts to develop vaccines and therapeutics.

  • Jason Barr, OD

For continuous outstanding leadership in improving operational efficiency of DMID's clinical research and has had a direct effect on the health of the Nation.

  • Shu Cai, NIAID

For continuous outstanding leadership, above and beyond the call of duty, as a supervisory physician assistant, Hematology Branch, NHLBI DIR, NIH.

  • Janet Valdez, NHLBI

For continuous outstanding performance in the position of Product Development Project Manager for PIPB.

  • John Pesce, NIAID


Group Awards

Orip-Zika Working Group

Exceptional leadership and execution of a rapid funding mechanism to support Zika virus research, with special emphasis on disease model development targeting infection and pathogenesis.

  • Stephanie J. Murphy, OD
  • Renee F. Vess, OD

Clinical Center Documentary Team

For work done by the Office of Communications and Media Relations, in support of Discovery Channel's documentary entitled "First in Human: The Trials of Building.

  • Justin G. Cohen, CC
  • Cindy C. Fisher, CC
  • Molly H. Freimuth, CC
  • Michele V. Hanlon, CC
  • Donovan T. Kuehn, CC
  • Maria Maslennikov, CC
  • Angela C. Missouri, CC

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Teresa S. Booher, OD
  • Michelle J. Boyle, OD
  • Stacy H. Charland, OD
  • Phillip W. Day, OD
  • Mary C. Digiulian, OD
  • Raymond W. Dillon, OD
  • Inna Faenson, OD
  • Diane J. Frasier, OD
  • Bridget C. Gauer, OD
  • Darla M. Hayes, OD
  • Charlie H. Jones, OD
  • Hilda N. Magezi, OD
  • Mary E. O'Meara, OD
  • Daniel A. Sands, OD
  • James W. Seach, OD
  • Mark L. Silverman, OD
  • Charles M. Singleton, OD
  • Ashley B. Stewart, OD
  • Ellen Vizzini, OD


  • Ellen L. Gadbois, OD


  • Cynthia M. Danielson, OD
  • Brian J. Haugen, OD
  • Henry A. Lavoo, OD
  • Savita Sethi, OD
  • Priyesh J. Ved, OD


  • Katherine A. Schwartz, OD


  • Vivien R. Bonazzi, OD
  • Miguel A. Contreras, OD
  • Hsin-Hao Timothy Hsiao, OD
  • Matthew E. Portnoy, OD
  • Betty R. Royster, OD
  • Matthew F. Sierra, OD


  • Henry L. Grasso, OD


  • Stacy H. Charland, OD
  • Minh T. Chau, OD
  • Bridget C. Gauer, OD
  • Brian K. Goodger, OD
  • Christopher D. Kerr, OD
  • Ricardo Rodriguez, OD
  • Donald B. Seymour, OD


  • Aric E. Burks, OD
  • David T. Coward, OD
  • Amanda J. Green, OD


  • Janine A. Clayton, OD


  • Daniel M. Austill, OD
  • Ronald D. Brown, OD
  • Israel L. Burch, OD
  • John E. Daffron, OD
  • Matthew R. Fowler, OD
  • Wayne A. James, OD
  • Darryl E. Lowery, OD
  • Jonathan L. Mattingly, OD
  • Daniel J. Mcmahon, OD
  • Roy D. Myers, OD
  • Michael S. Palatucci, OD