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2017 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Awards

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You are viewing 2017 award results. See awards for the current year.


Group Awards

NIEHS Workforce Relations Team

For extraordinary leadership in improving workforce relations at NIEHS.

  • Aric E. Burks, OD
  • Matthew S. Burr, NIEHS
  • David T. Coward, OD
  • Amanda J. Green, OD

NIEHS 50th Anniversary Committee

For extraordinary commitment, effort, and success in planning and implementing a full year of special events to commemorate the 2016 NIEHS 50th Anniversary.

  • Joel Abramowitz, NIEHS
  • Lois A. Annab, NIEHS
  • Gary S. Bird, NIEHS
  • Jennifer B. Collins, NIEHS
  • Tammy R. Collins, NIEHS
  • Christine B. Flowers, NIEHS
  • Stephanie D. Holmgren, NIEHS
  • Cathy L. Jamison, NIEHS
  • Claire M. Long, NIEHS
  • Robin M. Mackar, NIEHS
  • Mark F. Miller, NIEHS
  • Elizabeth Ney, NIEHS
  • Julie D. Nixon, NIEHS
  • Joseph D. Poccia, NIEHS
  • Nicole M. Popovich, NIEHS
  • Devlin Sawyer, NIEHS
  • Anne M. Thompson, NIEHS
  • Cheryl R. Thompson, NIEHS
  • Molly K. Vallant, NIEHS

Individual Awards

In recognition of your longstanding commitment to the recruitment and retention of diverse trainees, staff, and faculty.

  • Trevor K. Archer, NIEHS


Group Awards

NIEHS Ebola Biosafety Training Initiative

For outstanding contributions to the innovative development of a safety training program for infectious disease responders during the 2014-15 national ebola crisis.

  • Kathy A. Ahlmark, NIEHS
  • Janice B. Allen, NIEHS
  • Sharon D. Beard, NIEHS
  • Pamela B. Clark, NIEHS
  • Lisa A. Edwards, NIEHS
  • Joseph T. Hughes, NIEHS
  • Nina Jaitly, NIEHS
  • Laurie K. Johnson, NIEHS
  • Alfonso R. Latoni, NIEHS
  • James W. Remington, NIEHS
  • Jonathan D. Rosen, NIEHS
  • Angela W. Sanders, NIEHS
  • Deborah L. Weinstock, NIEHS
  • Demia S. Wright, NIEHS
  • Kevin S. Yeskey, NIEHS

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Edward S. Kang, NIEHS
  • Claire M. Long, NIEHS
  • Ellen J. Moul, NIEHS


  • Daniel T. Shaughnessy, NIEHS