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2017 Clinical Center (CC) Awards

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You are viewing 2017 award results. See awards for the current year.


Group Awards

Office Of Patient Safety & Clinical Quality, NIH Clinical Center Group

Superior service in the Office of Patient Safety & Clinical Quality; especially the rapid development of a vastly improved, more visible, comprehensive patient safety program.

  • Gina R. Ford, CC
  • Theresa D. Jerussi, CC
  • Laura M. Lee, CC
  • Karla D. Platt, CC
  • Josanne A. Revoir, CC
  • Mary J. Sparks, CC


Group Awards

Clinical Center Nutrition Department Food Service Workers And Cooks

In recognition of outstanding and uninterrupted service during a period of prolonged staffing shortages within the Clinical Center Nutrition Department.

  • Elony P. Abrams, CC
  • Anna M. Boyer, CC
  • Rene M. Brown, CC
  • Crystal M. Cavin, CC
  • Pamela D. Cooper, CC
  • Lionel Coriolan, CC
  • Erica N. Davis, CC
  • Arden J. Dejesus, CC
  • Richard R. Gales, CC
  • Travius A. Hyman, CC
  • Mary E. Jackson, CC
  • Tasha M. Jackson, CC
  • Devin T. Jones, CC
  • Joseph O. Labosco, CC
  • Eduardo S. Lalu, CC
  • Andrew S. Littleton, CC
  • Priscilla S. Long, CC
  • Andrew X. Mahy, CC
  • Vanessa R. Moris, CC
  • Joyce D. Mungo, CC
  • Joshua D. Murchison, CC
  • Cheryl A. Murray, CC
  • Juan A. Osorio, CC
  • Andre G. Peters, CC
  • Emily A. Philpott, CC
  • Maurice A. Pitts, CC
  • Alekos Polyzos, CC
  • Sara E. Pugh, CC
  • Tyreik D. Reed, CC
  • Tanya A. Saunders, CC
  • Eddie L. Shadding, CC
  • Debbie Shipp, CC
  • Ruth E. Shipps, CC
  • Lateaya C. Snead, CC
  • Jeff M. Tait, CC
  • Fay M. Tait-Wedderburn, CC
  • Michelle Taylor, CC
  • Tuyen K. Thai, CC
  • Sharonne V. Waters, CC
  • Earl T. White, CC
  • Kevon M. White, CC
  • Erica A. Wilkins, CC
  • Kelleigh D. Williams, CC
  • Mary A. Zimmer, CC


Individual Awards

For rapidly developing a system for evaluating the microbiological safety of sterile products produced at the NIH Clinical Center in a challenging set of circumstances.

  • Karen M. Frank, CC

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Hanh M. Khuu, CC
  • David F. Stroncek, CC


  • Jiaqiang Ren, CC
  • Fred J. Rogers, CC


  • Rebecca E. Chen, CC
  • Renee D. Goodman, CC
  • Christine Grady, CC
  • Reidar K. Lie, CC


  • William A. Hernandez, CC


  • Allison Adams, CC
  • Kimberly Adao, CC
  • Margaret Bevans, CC
  • Daniel Chertow, CC
  • Justin G. Cohen, CC
  • Yvette Downing, CC
  • Bart Drinkard, CC
  • Cindy C. Fisher, CC
  • Molly H. Freimuth, CC
  • Michele V. Hanlon, CC
  • Donovan T. Kuehn, CC
  • Maria Maslennikov, CC
  • Ann Matlock, CC
  • Yolawnda Mckinney, CC
  • Angela C. Missouri, CC
  • Alexander Ross, CC
  • Jason Wood, CC