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2019 Office of the Director (OD) Awards

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The Alan S. Rabson Award for Clinical Care

Individual Awards

For scientific and medical excellence and the outstanding, compassionate care of patients and those who love them.

  • William Dahut, NCI

Ruth L. Kirschstein Mentoring Award

Individual Awards

For exemplary performance while demonstrating significant leadership, skill, and ability in serving as a mentor.

  • Lora Kutkat, OD


Group Awards

NIH Central Utility Plant (Cup) Team

For extraordinary achievements in making the NIH central utility plant the most technologically advanced, reliable and cost-effective plant of its kind.

  • Taiyo Asano, OD
  • Donald Biser, OD
  • Yanzheng Guan, OD
  • Roberto Guasch, OD
  • Leo Angelo M. Gumapas, OD
  • Alex Huang, OD
  • Douglas E. Leas, OD
  • Donald Mayberry, OD
  • S. Farhad Memarzadeh, OD
  • David Meyer, OD
  • Daniel E. Moses, OD
  • Joseph Nieves, OD
  • Alamelu Ramesh, OD
  • Presley S. Rand, OD
  • Dax Sadler, OD
  • Kayvan Torkashvan, OD
  • Andres Vergara, OD
  • Brandon Wagner, OD
  • Scott Weibert, OD
  • Andrew Yang, OD

IRB Operations and Reorganization Team

For the extraordinary effort and persistence in supporting and establishing the office of IRB Operations and the reorganization of the NIH HRPP.

  • Ruth K. Baity, OD
  • Elizabeth Bartrum, NINDS
  • Heather M. Bridge, OD
  • Melissa B. Bryant, OD
  • Richard O. Cannon, NHLBI
  • Doreen G. Chaitt, NIAID
  • Julie Eiserman, OD
  • Nadine Fonrose, OD
  • Tiffany Gommel, OD
  • Nicole D. Grant, OD
  • Jonathan Green, OD
  • Virginia Guptill, CC
  • Sara Hull, NHGRI
  • Tara Mcdonough, NHGRI
  • Karen Nemes, OD
  • Shirley Rojas, OD
  • Margaret Sanders, OD
  • Chandan M. Sastry, OD
  • Tonia Shuler, OD
  • Richard G. Wyatt, OD

NIH Equity Committee

For establishing the NIH Equity Committee as a forum for identifying and disseminating best practices in intramural research resource allocation.

  • Susan G. Amara, NIMH
  • Indu Ambudkar, NIDCR
  • Trevor Archer, NIEHS
  • Marie A. Bernard, NIA
  • Juan S. Bonifacino, NICHD
  • Susan K. Buchanan, NIDDK
  • Robert A. Colbert, NIAMS
  • Mary Frances Cotch, NEI
  • Cynthia E. Dunbar, NHLBI
  • Tsanyang Liang, NIDDK
  • William Linehan, NCI
  • Michail Lionakis, NIAID
  • Pu Liu, NHGRI
  • David Lovinger, NIAAA
  • John Mcgowan, NIAID
  • Thomas A. Misteli, NCI
  • Elizabeth Murphy, NHLBI
  • Antonina I. Roll-Mecak, NINDS
  • Julia A. Segre, NHGRI
  • Gisela Storz, NICHD

The Anti-Harassment Program Team

In recognition of exceptional efforts in development and deployment of the NIH Anti-Harassment Program.

  • Naghmeh Afshar, OD
  • Joellen M. Austin, NIDA
  • Ana Awwad, OD
  • Karyl S. Barron, NIAID
  • Courtney Belmont, OD
  • Julie Broussard Berko, OD
  • Jon Bleichner, OD
  • John T. Burklow, OD
  • Beth Chandler, OD
  • Elizabeth Chavez, NIAID
  • Eva Chen, OD
  • Debra Chew, OD
  • Thomas Chiarizia, OD
  • Swati Choksi, NCI
  • Janet Clark, NIMH
  • Deborah Coelho, OD
  • Jeffrey I. Cohen, NIAID
  • Justin Cohen, CC
  • Lori M. Conlan, OD
  • Rahul Datta, OD
  • Wayne Dooley, OD
  • Christopher Farley, OD
  • Jasper Fathi, OD
  • Amanda Fine, OD
  • Nicole Garbarini, OD
  • Megan Goetz, OD
  • Jeffrey Grempler, OD
  • Amsatou Gueye, OD
  • Hyo-Jung Han, OD
  • Alice W. Hardy, OD
  • Carl Hashimoto, OD
  • Jessica E. Hawkins, OD
  • Thomas Holscher, OD
  • Camille Hoover, NIDDK
  • Treava Hopkins-Laboy, OD
  • Liana Juarez, CC
  • Donovan Kuehn, CC
  • Charlene Le Fauve, OD
  • Jaime J. Martinez-Borrero, OD
  • Patrick Mcgrady, OD
  • Sharon Milgram, OD
  • Janelle Moore, OD
  • Jenna A. Moran, OD
  • Renate Myles, OD
  • Aurangzeb Nisar, OD
  • Allison Nugent, NIMH
  • Roland Owens, OD
  • Susie Pham, OD
  • Deborah D. Philp, NIDCR
  • Kimberly Rivera, OD
  • Wendy San, OD
  • Lisa M. Schneider, OD
  • Michele Schwartzman, OD
  • Julia A. Segre, NHGRI
  • Megan Skidmore, OD
  • Kimlinh Steadman, OD
  • Hai-Qing Sun, OD
  • Kelly G. Ten Hagen, NIDCR
  • Hannah A. Valantine, OD
  • Terronn C. Verge, OD
  • Lisa Warner, OD
  • Jessica Watson, OD
  • Ashley White, OD
  • Carrie Wolinetz, OD

Chimpanzee Facility Program Oversight & Regulatory Reform Activities Team

For outstanding program oversight of chimpanzee facilities and exemplary execution of regulatory reform review activities.

  • Franziska B. Grieder, OD
  • Robin I. Kawazoe, OD
  • Stephanie Murphy, OD

The NIH Office of Extramural Research's Clinical Trial Implementation Group

In recognition of superior team resourcefulness in the implementation of clinical trials policies to enhance stewardship, rigor and transparency of NIH funded clinical trials.

  • Sally Amero, OD
  • Jodi B. Black, OD
  • Michelle G. Bulls, OD
  • Megan Columbus, OD
  • Dawn R. Corbett, OD
  • Sheri L. Cummins, OD
  • Alfred D'Amico, OD
  • Diane Dean, OD
  • Inna Faenson, OD
  • Richard Ikeda, OD
  • Cheryl A. Kitt, OD
  • Pauline Lund, OD
  • Elyse M. Sullivan, OD
  • Rebecca Williams, NLM

In recognition for efforts to help design and implement the NIH Anti-Harassment and Personal Relationships Policies and Workplace Climate and Harassment Survey.

  • Julia A. Segre, NHGRI
  • Kelly G. Ten Hagen, NIDCR

The National Institutes of Health Ebola Research Pharmacy Team in Liberia

For outstanding contributions toward global public health by implementing mission critical research pharmacy operations and local pharmacy staff training.

  • Dustin Abaonza, OD
  • Kristin Abaonza, OD
  • Steven Bird, OD
  • Benjamin Bishop, OD
  • Daniel Brum, OD
  • Fortin S. Georges, CC
  • Cedric Guyton, OD
  • Matthew Kirchoff, NIAID
  • Mary Mcgarry, OD
  • Mark S. Miller, OD
  • Mary P. Murphy, OD
  • Travis Ready, OD
  • Renee Robinson, OD
  • Hobart Rogers, OD
  • Harold Sano, OD
  • Greg Sarchet, OD
  • Holly Van Lew, OD
  • Rochelle B. Young, OD

Individual Awards

In recognition for decommissioning the antiquated telegraphic fire alarm reporting system with a modern fiber optic replacement with mass notification capability allowing instant campus-wide communication.

  • John Mccabe, OD

In recognition of her outstanding efforts to increase sensitivity and awareness to the needs of the SGM community to help foster workplace diversity and inclusion.

  • Nicole Perez, NCI

In recognition for her devoted efforts to ensure that all NIH employees regardless of physical ability have the welcoming, supportive, respectful environment necessary for success.

  • Kathleen Mann Koepke, NICHD

For an exceptional career long programmatic leadership and initiative in guiding the gastrointestinal, pancreas and liver research programs of NIDDK.

  • Jose Serrano, NIDDK

For elucidating the most common genetic cause of Parkinson disease, which is leading to needed new treatment strategies for this common disorder.

  • Ellen Sidransky, NHGRI

For exceptional administrative leadership and support of science policy and advancement.

  • Christine Hunter, OD

For outstanding guidance to the NCORP investigators which translates research into clinical cancer practice.

  • Bernard Parker, NCI

For continuous outstanding leadership in advancing the Public Health mission of the National, Heart, Lung and Blood Institute of the NIH.

  • Michael Ahmadi, NHLBI

For his super critical contribution to revamping the operation during the Clinical Center's remediation after the FDA inspection on May 2015.

  • Haksong Jin, NCATS

For his accomplishments which contributed significantly to the program of the Division by advancing candidate therapeutics into clinical trails.

  • Haksong Jin, NCATS

For continuous outstanding leadership in nutrition research, management, nutrition education and training in support of NIH and USPHS missions.

  • Merel Kozlosky, CC

For exceptional leadership in preparing NIAID for the Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care International Site Visit.

  • Temeri Wilder-Kofie, NIAID

In recognition of her continuous and outstanding leadership and accomplishments as the epidemiologist at the Oklahoma City Area (OCA) Indian Health Service (IHS).

  • Julie Erb-Alvarez, NHLBI

For strong and visionary leadership which guided and aligned the prodigious expansion of the Rocky Mountain Laboratories research program.

  • Donald Gardener, NIAID

Common Fund Leadership

Group Awards

Promotion and Enhancement Team for the Common Fund KOMP2 Project

For outstanding scientific leadership in coordinating program promotion and enhancement benefiting the Common Fund KOMP2 Project.

  • Colin F. Fletcher, NHGRI
  • Patricia Labosky, OD
  • Oleg Mirochnitchenko, OD


Group Awards

Include Project Leadership Team

For extraordinary efforts to develop and launch a Trans-NIH initiative addressing the health and quality-of-life needs for individuals with Down syndrome and its co-occurring conditions.

  • Ebyan A. Addou, NHLBI
  • Houmam H. Araj, NEI
  • Sujata Bardhan, NICHD
  • Diana Bianchi, NICHD
  • Robin E. Boineau, NCCIH
  • John L. Bowers, CSR
  • Lawrence Brody, NHGRI
  • Emily Carifi, NINDS
  • Maribeth Champoux, CSR
  • Valerie Cotton, NICHD
  • James Coulombe, NICHD
  • Jyoti Dayal, NHGRI
  • Amanda Fine, OD
  • Gary H. Gibbons, NHLBI
  • Lisa Gilotty, NIMH
  • Charles Hackett, NIAID
  • Richard J. Hodes, NIA
  • Jonathan Hollander, NIEHS
  • Lisa Kaeser, NICHD
  • Kelly King, NIDCD
  • Katherine Klimczak, OD
  • Donna M. Krasnewich-Vostal, NIGMS
  • Ellen Leschek, NIDDK
  • Huiqing Li, NHLBI
  • Cara Long, NINDS
  • Marie Mancini, NIAMS
  • Anna Mazzucco, OD
  • Ana Murcia, OD
  • Aruna Natarajan, NHLBI
  • Concepcion R. Nierras, OD
  • Melissa Parisi, NICHD
  • Gail D. Pearson, NHLBI
  • Rachel Pollock, OD
  • Erin M. Ramos, NHGRI
  • Rebekah Rasooly, NINR
  • Elise Rice, NIDCR
  • Melissa W. Riddle, NIDCR
  • Robert D. Riddle, NINDS
  • Laurie M. Ryan, NIA
  • Nina Schor, NINDS
  • Charlene A. Schramm, NHLBI
  • Tara Schwetz, OD
  • Elka M. Scordalakes-Ferrante, NIDCD
  • Norman Sharpless, NCI
  • Lana O. Shekim, NIDCD
  • Malcolm A. Smith, NCI
  • Nathaniel Stinson, NIMHD
  • Ryan Talesnik, NICHD
  • Erika D. Tarver, NIA
  • Michael Twery, NHLBI
  • Frosso Voulgaropoulou, NIAID
  • Jason Wan, NIDCR
  • Sige Zou, OD

Woman Scientist Advisors Executive Committee

For leadership of the WSA in promoting recruitment, retention, and recognition of women scientists and fair treatment with respect to salary and work environment.

  • Susan K. Buchanan, NIDDK
  • Deborah E. Citrin, NCI
  • Deborah M. Hinton, NIDDK
  • Peggy Hsieh, NIDDK
  • Mary Kearney, NCI
  • Lindsay Morton, NCI
  • Elizabeth Murphy, NHLBI
  • Julia A. Segre, NHGRI
  • Kelly G. Ten Hagen, NIDCR
  • Judith R. Walters, NINDS

The NIH Helping to End Addiction Long-Term (HEAL) Team

In recognition of exceptional contributions in the publication of the research plan and FOAs for the NIH Helping to End Addiction Long-term (HEAL) initiative.

  • Jane Atkinson, NCATS
  • Rebecca Baker, OD
  • Carlos Blanco Jerez, NIDA
  • David Bochner, NIDA
  • Andrew Bremer, NICHD
  • Jeremy Brown, NINDS
  • Michelle G. Bulls, OD
  • Antoinette Caliman, OD
  • Alison Cernich, NICHD
  • Redonna K. Chandler, NIDA
  • Eugene Civillico, OD
  • David Clark, NCCIH
  • Megan Columbus, OD
  • Christine M. Colvis, NCATS
  • Sheri L. Cummins, OD
  • Ronald Dobbins, NIDA
  • Gayathri J. Dowling, NIDA
  • Emily Einstein, NIDA
  • Michael C. Freed, NIMH
  • Paula Goodwin, OD
  • Jennifer Hobin, NIDA
  • Katia Howlett, NIDA
  • Emily Jones, NIDA
  • Samantha Jonson, NCATS
  • Paul Kimmel, NIDDK
  • Elena V. Koustova, NIDA
  • Aaron D. Laposky, NHLBI
  • Jacqueline J. Lloyd, NIDA
  • Henry Masur, CC
  • Jessica N. Mazerik, OD
  • Amy Mistretta, OD
  • Ivan D. Montoya, NIDA
  • Frank Newman, OD
  • Michael Oshinsky, NINDS
  • Nancy Peck, OD
  • Mary Ann Pelleymounter, NINDS
  • Linda L. Porter, NINDS
  • Kurt Rasmussen, NIDA
  • Jose F. Ruiz, OD
  • Susana A. Serrate-Sztein, NIAMS
  • Sarah J. Shane, OD
  • Neil Shapiro, OD
  • Priyanka Sharma, OD
  • Cecile Shaya, OD
  • Caroline C. Signore, NICHD
  • Kentner Singleton, NIAID
  • Jack Stein, NIDA
  • Chung-Yui Tai, NIDA
  • Amir Tamiz, NINDS
  • Michael Twery, NHLBI
  • Jennifer N. Villani, NIDA
  • Tracy Waldeck, NIDA
  • Yan Wang, NIAMS
  • Jacqueline Ward, NINDS
  • Charles Washabaugh, NIAMS
  • Wendy Weber, NCCIH
  • Susan Weiss, NIDA
  • Tisha Wiley, NIDA
  • James P. Witter, NIAMS
  • Michael Wolfson, NIBIB
  • Clinton Wright, NINDS
  • Xincheng Zheng, NIAMS

NIH Workplace Climate and Harassment Survey Team

For extraordinary dedication and performance in coordinating the development, testing, and fielding of the NIH Workplace Climate and Harassment Survey.

  • Charlene Le Fauve, OD
  • Kathryn Morris, OD
  • Gordon B. Willis, NCI

All of Us Scientific Priorities Development Team

For developing an innovative and inclusive approach for gathering scientific priorities for the All of Us Research Program.

  • Dianne Babski, NLM
  • Stacy Carrington-Lawrence, OD
  • Robert Carter, NIAMS
  • Stephanie Ford-Scheimer, OD
  • David Galey, OD
  • Michelle R. Hamlet, NINR
  • Carolyn Hutter, NHGRI
  • Yentram Huyen, OD
  • Allison Lea, OD
  • Stephen C. Mockrin, OD
  • Edward Ramos, OD
  • Sheri Schully, OD
  • Gina Wei, NHLBI

Individual Awards

In recognition of invaluable contributions at the NIH to advance research efforts supporting American Indian and Alaska Native populations.

  • David Wilson, OD

For outstanding contributions to standing up the NIH Office of Data Science Strategy.

  • Susan Gregurick, NIGMS

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • David A. Andrews, OD
  • Bennett Hollins, OD
  • Jeffrey W. Jones, OD
  • Bruce P. Neugebauer, OD


  • Vivien Bonazzi, OD
  • Benjamin Butler, OD
  • Christopher Hammond, OD
  • Renate Myles, OD
  • Elizabeth Wilder, OD


  • Arlyn Garcia-Perez, OD
  • Annie Shih, OD


  • David Eckstein, OD
  • Mary Perry, OD


  • Sarah Berson, OD
  • Melissa B. Bryant, OD
  • Rochelle Day, OD
  • Hillary Flowers, OD
  • Patricia M. Sweet, OD
  • Barbara Weinstein, OD


  • Daveta Bailey, OD
  • Gretchen Cowman, OD
  • Daniel E. Cushing, OD
  • Brian Czarnecki, OD
  • James E. Farrell, OD
  • Albert I. Lee, OD
  • Oleg Mirochnitchenko, OD
  • Chanel Press, OD
  • Louis Schwartzman, OD


  • Dana Wolff-Hughes, OD


  • Kirk Baker, OD
  • Christopher Belter, OD
  • Katrina Bibb, OD
  • Claudia Dathe, OD
  • Heather Eshleman, OD
  • Paula Fearon, OD
  • Tuba Fehr, OD
  • Marina L. Volkov, OD


  • Paul Howey, OD
  • Alexander Johnson, OD


  • Rachel Ballard, OD
  • Cindy D. Davis, OD
  • Abby Ershow, OD
  • Ashley Vargas, OD


  • Terry Wells, OD


  • Julie Broussard Berko, OD
  • Brendan Gaughan, OD
  • Jeffrey Grempler, OD
  • Sandra Munoz-Cintron, OD
  • Lauren Tedesco, OD


  • Alison F. Davis, OD
  • Ellen L. Gadbois, OD
  • Nina Hsu, OD
  • Chanel Press, OD
  • Dana Schloesser, OD
  • Aparna Singh, OD
  • David A. Thomas, OD