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2022 National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) Awards

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You are viewing 2022 award results. See awards for the current year.


Group Awards

The Scientific, Operations, and Administrative Resources (SOAR) Team

For successfully transitioning from the STOPS to the SOAR Contract.

  • George Birdsong, NIMH
  • Kim Black, NIMH
  • Rachel Doherty, NIMH
  • Jason Fox, NIMH
  • Christine Frate, NIDA
  • Christopher Halstead, NIDA
  • Kyle Miller, NIDA
  • Jeffrey Moore, NIDA
  • Brian O'Laughlin, NIDA
  • Stephen Puckett, NIMH

Optimize NIH Travel Team

For the True Optimization of the NIH Travel processes by automating manual data collection and eliminating burdensome reporting.

  • Kim Black, NIMH
  • Vicki Buckley, NIAAA
  • Deborah Carney, NCI
  • Glenda Conroy, OD
  • Heather Coulter, NIMH
  • Bonnie Ellis, CSR
  • Hillary Flowers, NCATS
  • Anne Garvey, NIAID
  • Ann Huston, NIMH
  • Christine Koch-Paiz, NINDS
  • Barry Koitz, OD
  • Michelle Mayo, NIEHS
  • Angela Sanders, NIEHS


Individual Awards

For exceptional leadership of the Early Psychosis Intervention Network to transform the delivery of coordinated specialty care services to improve outcomes in early psychosis.

  • Robert Heinssen, NIMH

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • James Churchill, NIMH


  • Enrique Michelotti, NIMH
  • Laurie Nadler, NIMH


  • Susan Amara, NIMH
  • Charlene Edwards, NIMH
  • Geeta Strange, NIMH


  • Christopher Gordon, NIMH
  • Suzanne Pollard, NIMH
  • Dianne Rausch, NIMH
  • Michael Stirratt, NIMH


  • Katharine Teigen, NIMH


  • Ashlee Van't Veer, NIMH


  • Christopher Gordon, NIMH
  • Joshua Gordon, NIMH
  • Collene Lawhorn, NIMH


  • Shelli Avenevoli, NIMH
  • Meredith Fox, NIMH
  • Anna Ordonez, NIMH
  • Maryland Pao, NIMH
  • Michael Reel, NIMH
  • Deborah Snyder, NIMH
  • Susanna Sung, NIMH
  • Erin Torres, NIMH