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2020 National Cancer Institute (NCI) Awards

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You are viewing 2020 award results. See awards for the current year.

The Alan S. Rabson Award for Clinical Care

Individual Awards

For scientific and medical excellence and the outstanding, compassionate care for patients and those who love them.

  • Stephanie L. Goff, NCI

Ruth L. Kirschstein Mentoring Award

Individual Awards

For exemplary performance while demonstrating significant leadership, skill, and ability in serving as a mentor.

  • Jonathan S. Wiest, NCI


Group Awards

CIMAC-CIDC Agreement Team

For extraordinary innovation, perseverance, and mediation that allowed for the development of agreements and guidelines which resulted in the CIMAC-CIDC network becoming a reality.

  • Stacey J. Adam, OD
  • Anna Z. Amar, OD
  • Sherry S. Ansher, NCI
  • Helen X. Chen, NCI
  • Jason V. Cristofaro, NCI
  • Rebecca A. Enos, NCI
  • David R. Patton, NCI
  • Jenny L. Peterson-Klaus, OD
  • Geoffrey E. Ravilious, NCI
  • Lynn M. Smelkinson, OD
  • Magdalena Thurin, NCI
  • David N. Wholley, OD
  • Jianqiao Zhang, NCI

NCI Technology Transfer Ambassadors Program Team

In recognition of the NCI Technology Transfer Ambassadors Program: Lab to Market Training for Post-doctoral Scientists Across the NIH.

  • Abritee Dhal, NCI
  • Taryn E. Dick, NCI
  • Rose M. Freel, NCI
  • Laura T. Prestia, NCI

Individual Awards

For critical efforts in modernizing and maintaining the Information Technology infrastructure of the NIH Clinical Center and NCI's Center for Cancer Research.

  • Jason E. Levine, NCI


Group Awards

Chronic Pancreatitis, Diabetes And Pancreatic Cancer Team

For exceptional creativity and leadership in implementing funding initiatives to address the nexus between pancreatic disease and cancer.

  • Dana K. Andersen, NIDDK
  • Sharmistha Ghosh-Janjigian, NCI
  • Stephen P. James, NIDDK
  • Jo Ann S. Rinaudo, NCI
  • Jose Serrano, NIDDK
  • Sudhir Srivastava, NCI
  • Aynur Unalp-Arida, NIDDK

Patient Reported Outcomes Research Team

For visionary leadership in developing patient outcomes research as an integral part of clinical trials in the NIH Intramural Program.

  • Terri S. Armstrong, NCI
  • Pamela L. Wolters, NCI

Individual Awards

For the development of novel and clinically effective chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cell therapies for multiple myeloma and lymphoma.

  • James N. Kochenderfer, NCI

For superior skill, vision, creativity and effectiveness in leading one of NIH's largest intramural research programs.

  • Thomas A. Misteli, NCI

In recognition of outstanding scientific contributions to our understanding of the long-term health effects of hormonal medications.

  • Robert N. Hoover, NCI

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Kristie L. Hill, NCI


  • Michael A. Tucker, NCI


  • Rachel A. Mayne, NCI


  • Paige A. Green, NCI
  • Thomas K. Howcroft, NCI
  • Chamelli Jhappan, NCI


  • Shakeel Ahmad, NCI
  • Lisa K. Coleman, NCI
  • Thomas B. Duvall, NCI
  • Scott P. Keasey, NCI
  • Kristin L. Komschlies Mcconville, NCI
  • Shamala K. Srinivas, NCI


  • Daniel R. Larson, NCI


  • Gary L. Ellison, NCI
  • Armen A. Ghazarian, NCI
  • Chinonye E. Harvey, NCI
  • Ronald L. Johnson, NCI
  • Christine M. Kaefer, NCI
  • Tram K. Lam, NCI
  • Gila I. Neta, NCI
  • Neeraja Sathyamoorthy, NCI
  • Deborah M. Winn, NCI


  • Jennifer A. Couch, NCI
  • Daniel L. Gallahan, NCI


  • Maureen E. Clark, NCI
  • Holly J. Gibbons, NCI
  • Mary K. Holohan, NCI
  • Michael R. Kluk, NCI
  • Steven A. Rosenberg, NCI
  • Richard P. Troiano, NCI
  • Carolyn T. Ugolino, NCI
  • Brigitte Widemann, NCI