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2020 Office of the Director (OD) Awards

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Ruth L. Kirschstein Mentoring Award

Individual Awards

For exemplary performance while demonstrating significant leadership, skill, and ability in serving as a mentor.

  • Mary L. Garcia-Cazarin, OD


Group Awards

NIH Anti-Harassment Training Committee

For exemplary creativity and initiative in developing the content for and launching of NIH's Anti-Harassment Training and enforcement process.

  • Debra C. Chew, OD
  • Kendrick T. Gibbs, OD
  • Hyo-Jung A. Han, OD
  • Jessica E. Hawkins, OD
  • Thomas M. Holscher, OD
  • Camille M. Hoover, NIDDK
  • Treava S. Hopkins-Laboy, OD
  • Wendell J. Jordan-Brangman, CIT
  • Shelma M. Little, OD
  • David E. Michael, OD
  • Zaib Nisar, OD
  • Roland A. Owens, OD
  • Stephon L. Scott, OD
  • Camila Torrella, NIDDK

Bethesda Campus Pedestrian Safety Team

For exceptional service in dramatically improving pedestrian safety throughout the NIH Bethesda Campus by upgrading nine intersections and twenty mid-block pedestrian crossings.

  • Danita K. Broadnax, OD
  • Israel L. Burch, OD
  • Sean K. Cullinane, OD
  • Brandon K. Hartz, OD
  • Matthew D. Heavey, OD
  • Michael N. Herson, OD
  • David S. Johnson, OD
  • Peter H. Ludgate, OD
  • Phillip R. Mendez, OD
  • Michael K. Oppelt, OD
  • Zachary C. Price, OD
  • Susan M. Roberts, OD
  • Nadia E. Shelby, OD
  • George C. Sudek, OD

OER Foreign Influence Response Team

For exceptional efforts in responding to foreign influences on research integrity.

  • Sally A. Amero, OD
  • Jodi B. Black, OD
  • Francesca Bosetti, NINDS
  • Michelle G. Bulls, OD
  • Liza Q. Bundesen, OD
  • Diane W. Dean, OD
  • Tracy L. Gentile, OD
  • Meenaxi M. Hiremath, NIMH
  • Minna M. Liang, NIDA
  • Thomas R. Mason, OD
  • Patricia A. Valdez, OD

Executive Secretariat NIH Director's Staff Services Team

In recognition for their singular focus and insightful, dedicated writing, editing, analysis, and response on behalf and in support of the NIH Director.

  • Gwendolyn C. Coley, OD
  • Colleen E. Crone, OD
  • Caitlin E. Di Mantova, OD
  • Greta L. Doswell, OD
  • Chelsea M. Ellis, OD
  • Jamie Gale, OD
  • Rachel C. Pollock, OD
  • Leslie D. Twyman, OD
  • Shannon E. Wooldridge, OD

Congressional Visits Team

For exceptional leadership in organizing various visits to NIH for Members of Congress and Congressional staff.

  • Phyllis M. Ampofo, NIMH
  • Jenna J. Bauer, OD
  • Laura D. Berkson, OD
  • Jean E. Berube, NHLBI
  • Ernest W. Branson, OD
  • Carmen C. Brewer, NIDCD
  • Lawrence Brown, OD
  • Julia E. Casselle, OD
  • Maureen E. Clark, NCI
  • Joseph D. Comproni, OD
  • Donna P. Crews, OD
  • Sean K. Cullinane, OD
  • Louise M. Davis, OD
  • Christopher L. Everett, OD
  • Holly J. Gibbons, NCI
  • Jessica M. Gill, NINR
  • Adrienne Hallett, OD
  • Patricia B. Hansberger, OD
  • Melinda D. Haskins, NIAID
  • Lauren G. Higgins, OD
  • Mary K. Holohan, NCI
  • Karen A. Lamontagne, OD
  • Michael Mcclain, OD
  • Michael J. Mcgraw, OD
  • Jessica Mcilvane, NINR
  • Julia M. Mejia, OD
  • Sharon L. Milgram, OD
  • Michelle D. Mitchell, OD
  • Essence R. Motley, OD
  • Lauren E. Mullman, OD
  • Donna M. Phillips, OD
  • Rachel C. Pollock, OD
  • Steven A. Rosenberg, NCI
  • David A. Saeger, CC
  • Elka M. Scordalakes-Ferrante, NIDCD
  • Sara E. Selgrade, NIAID
  • Michael J. Somoya, OD
  • Maggi Stakem, CC
  • John F. Tisdale, NHLBI
  • Carolyn T. Ugolino, NCI
  • Thuy N. Vo, OD
  • Brigitte Widemann, NCI
  • Darryl J. Wilson, OD
  • Carlos A. Zarate, NIMH

Helping To End Addiction Long-Term (HEAL) Initiative FY19 Awards Rollout

For organizing and coordinating the rollout of the NIH HEAL Initiative FY 2019 awards announcement.

  • Rebecca G. Baker, OD
  • John T. Burklow, OD
  • Amanda B. Fine, OD
  • Jill S. George, OD
  • Renate H. Myles, OD
  • Kimberly A. Pelis, OD
  • Kimberly S. Seigfreid, OD
  • Erin D. Spaniol, OD
  • Emma M. Wojtowicz, OD

Reversing The Mortality Rate Group

For their work in the Nation's Drug Overdose Crisis for the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health (OASH).

  • John C. Hubbard, NIDA
  • Michael R. Kluk, NCI
  • Michelle K. Leff, NIDA
  • Paul J. Na, NIDA
  • Jeffrey D. Schulden, NIDA
  • Stacy Yung, NIDA

Individual Awards

For extraordinary initiative and leadership as the NIH Regulations Officer & career achievements over the last 43 years resulting in substantial operational benefits for NIH.

  • Jerry E. Moore, OD

For extraordinary management and coordination of the ACD Working Group on Changing the Culture to End Sexual Harassment.

  • Jennifer L. Bazinet, OD

For leadership in revitalizing and spearheading development of a central communications contract at the NIH designed to expedite access to high-quality communications services throughout NIH.

  • Stephanie E. Clipper, OD

In recognition of your outstanding leadership in building relationships between the NIH and Historically Black Colleges and Universities to enhance research capacity.

  • Rachel K. Ramirez, OD

In recognition of your outstanding leadership in fostering equity, diversity and inclusion at the NIH and in the external scientific enterprise.

  • Rosalina O. Bray, OD

For a distinguished USPHS career responding to HIV/AIDS and other infectious disease threats and building health research capacity worldwide from July 1996 to November 2019.

  • Peter H. Kilmarx, FIC

For his scientific excellence and outstanding leadership in the conduct of a clinical trial in HIV prevention among key populations in Thailand.

  • Timothy H. Holtz, OD

For sustained leadership in supporting the NIH, NIAID and its Director and laboratories in research and communication about deadly influenza pandemics.

  • David M. Morens, NIAID

For developing a novel test method to measure capture efficiency of portable air filtration devices used during building construction activities.

  • Derek A. Newcomer, OD

For research exploring occupational exposures to anesthetic agents, which yielded improved techniques to minimize risk of illness to healthcare providers.

  • Derek A. Newcomer, OD

For his extraordinary research career resulting in multiple discoveries that have transformed our understanding of obesity.

  • Jack A. Yanovski, NICHD

For exceptional administrative and scientific leadership during extended coverage of OBSSR Director responsibilities.

  • Christine M. Hunter, OD

For guiding the development and release of the Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, 2nd edition from start to finish.

  • Richard P. Troiano, NCI

For demonstrating unusually high-quality initiative in leadership and making exceptional contributions to the NIH mission in training over 4500 individuals.

  • Evan T. Shukan, OD

For outstanding leadership in tuberculosis drug and vaccine development to address urgent global crisis in tuberculosis.

  • Eric X. Zhou, NIAID

For his exemplary leadership in the development and operation of the Prevention through Active Community Engagement (PACE) Program between 2012 and 2018.

  • John T. Pesce, NIAID

For his exemplary leadership in the development and operation of the Prevention through Active Community Engagement (PACE) Program between 2012 and 2018.

  • Leo Angelo M. Gumapas, OD

For leadership, innovation, and proficiency in designing and conducting the first-in-human clinical trial of an experimental Ebola treatment named mAb114.

  • Martin R. Gaudinski, NIAID

Common Fund Leadership

Group Awards

NIH Common Fund Best Awards Leadership & Review Team

Outstanding leadership and evaluation of the NIH Common Fund Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training (BEST) awards facilitating transformation and culture change in biomedical research training.

  • Alison E. Gammie, NIGMS
  • Stephen J. Korn, NINDS
  • Patricia A. Labosky, OD
  • Rebecca N. Lenzi, OD
  • Pauline K. Lund, OD


Individual Awards

In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the administrative workload of the Division of Radiation Safety.

  • Gregory M. Stohlman, OD

In recognition of dedication to the NIH animal research program and Division of Veterinary Resources' mission of providing research support to the scientific community.

  • Leonard J. Goldman, OD

In recognition of dedication to and collaboration with the Clinical Research Center benefitting the patients, staff clinicians and the research mission of the NIH.

  • Bradley S. Rupert, OD


Group Awards

Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation NIH Collaboration Team

For extraordinary leadership and management of efforts to establish a new initiative to cure sickle cell disease and HIV using gene-based approaches.

  • Diana Finzi, NIAID
  • Jacquelyn A. Godin, OD
  • Mary E. Groesch, NHLBI
  • Jill E. Heemskerk, NIBIB
  • William K. Hoots, NHLBI
  • Joel Islam, NHLBI
  • Renate H. Myles, OD
  • Amy Pate Patterson, NHLBI
  • Mary E. Perry, OD
  • Sarah W. Read, NIAID
  • Allan Shipp, NHLBI
  • Jessica M. Tucker, OD
  • Elizabeth L. Wilder, OD

Individual Awards

For extraordinary dedication, diplomacy, and intellectual leadership in defining NIH's role as an influential voice in the ethical conduct of all neuroscience research.

  • Khara M. Ramos, NINDS

Recognition Across NIH

The following individuals are recognized as part of a group hosted by another IC.


  • Denny F. Bermudez, OD
  • Stacy H. Charland, OD
  • Tsanming J. Chou, OD
  • John J. Conlon, OD
  • William P. Cullen, OD
  • Inna Faenson, OD
  • Jennifer J. Freese, OD
  • Ronald J. Frost, OD
  • Dean A. Gelinas, OD
  • Dawn M. Gonchar, OD
  • Denis O. Granado-Lobo, OD
  • Ryan C. Harvey, OD
  • Andrew K. Hastings, OD
  • Charlotte A. Hayes, OD
  • William P. Higdon, OD
  • Dmitriy V. Kokiyelov, OD
  • Sara A. Mattix, OD
  • Bronislav Mezheritsky, OD
  • Catherine V. Milano, OD
  • Scott J. Mogar, OD
  • Renee A. Morgan, OD
  • Fortunate O. Nwosu, OD
  • David B. Olson, OD
  • Shaun D. Ratliff, OD
  • Roozbeh Saffari Ashtiani, OD
  • Alex A. Salah, OD
  • Carlos Sanchez, OD
  • James W. Seach, OD
  • Michael D. Shannon, OD
  • Amber A. Simco, OD
  • Meredith Stein, OD
  • Christopher R. Stenger, OD
  • Roman Tokman, OD
  • Alina V. Tretyak, OD
  • Timothy L. Watkins, OD
  • Jeffrey H. Weiner, OD
  • Jacquelyn M. Wilson, OD
  • Mikhail Yelovich, OD
  • Dawn A. Ziebarth, OD


  • Stacey J. Adam, OD
  • Anna Z. Amar, OD
  • Jenny L. Peterson-Klaus, OD
  • Lynn M. Smelkinson, OD
  • David N. Wholley, OD


  • Emily M. Ballou, OD
  • Fanta Kamara, OD
  • James A. Keisler, OD
  • George L. Martinez, OD
  • Margaret A. Straubinger, OD


  • Johanna T. Dwyer, OD


  • Julia V. Berzhanskaya, OD
  • Tyler K. Best, OD
  • Eugene F. Civillico, OD
  • Kristina N. Faulk, OD
  • Wendy M. Knosp, OD
  • Felicia M. Qashu, OD


  • Ravikumar Basavappa, OD
  • Susan K. Gregurick, OD
  • Malgorzata M. Klosek, OD
  • Ana E. Murcia, OD
  • Lyl G. Tomlinson, OD


  • Belinda L. Seto, OD